Tyler Christopher Interview: Talks General Hospital and the Truth about Soap Comeback as Nikolas

Today Tyler Christoper chatted with Soap Dirt about his time at General Hospital and that recurring Nikolas Cassadine return rumor. The first thing that fans want to know is whether he’s ever coming back to GH or Days of Our Lives. Tyler made it clear that the door is open in his direction, but any idle chatter that he is coming back is just that. So far, he’s not been made any offers as of this writing. But now, he’s busy behind the scenes developing projects for film. So, take a look at what the actor best known for playing Nikolas Cassadine and Stefan DiMera told us and what he thinks about a soap return.

Days of Our Lives’ Tyler Christopher Talks Working Behind the Camera

Most soap fans think villainous Stefan O DiMera when they hear Tyler Christopher’s name. But now, he’s making a name for himself in films developing projects. He’s now the Executive Vice President of Development at SkipStone Pictures. That’s a big fancy title, so what does it mean? Essentially, Tyler goes out and finds projects to develop – to make into feature films. Even before leaving Days of Our Lives, as Stefan DiMera, he was consulting with SkipStone and had worked with the founder, CEO and president Johnny Remo, for a while.

Then when he left the NBC soap, things changed. Tyler Christopher told us, “Since I left Days, I didn’t know what to do in Indiana [where he lives]. There’s not a lot of acting gigs in the Midwest”. So he took destiny into his hands and “asked for a position within the company”. Tyler says he spoke with Johnny Remo and “he agreed that I brought value to the company as a developer and we decided to work together”. Since then, Tyler Christopher is acting in projects for SkipStone and also now doing project development.

One of their films is F.R.E.D.I. – a sci-fi family film released in 2018 about a young man in Arkansas that makes friends with a robot. You can catch that one on Netflix right now. Then there’s Max Winslow and the House of Secrets another sci-fi picture, about teens competing against a supercomputer. That one has a very Ready Player One vibe it seems and will be out this year. For both films, Tyler Christopher acted in both films and played the father of the main protagonist teen. As a busy dad of two kids under the age of 10, he knows that role well!


General Hospital Actor Busy With Tons of Projects

Tyler Christopher also shared that he’s developing projects for SkipStone Pictures. The film production company makes “Inspired Family Entertainment”. His latest project is a musical titled Allie Mitchell Must Win. Britt Logan wrote it and co-directed with Johnny Remo. Tyler also told us “we’ve got three other film projects after that”. Since this is now Tyler’s focus, we asked how he got into it. The actor told SD that he’d always wanted to “broaden my horizons” and learn new things.

We also asked Tyler if he preferred acting more so than producing. He told us”if you asked me six months ago, I would have said acting” then added, “I’ll always act”. Tyler shared that he puts himself in the films in “small parts in films I’m producing”. He said, “I’ll always act but I’m really enjoying myself working with SkipStone Pictures”. As to what he does specifically, Tyler told us that “he finds projects and develops them, and sets it up to option from the writer, then we got out and make the movie”.

Along with producing comes the requirement of tapping into the power of social media. Specifically, Tyler Christopher said “I’m a Facebook rookie” but said he’s “starting to get the ins and outs and fast learning”. So, you can see how he’s doing with that skill if you tune in for his upcoming Facebook live in a Days of Our Lives group this Tuesday, June 25. You can check out that information below so you can watch live and catch up with the latest from the former Stefan DiMera and Nikolas Cassadine actor.

What Fans Want to Know – Is Tyler Christopher Coming Back to General Hospital or Days of Our Lives?

Tyler has a legion of devoted fans, all clamoring for him to come back to GH or DOOL (or both). Recently, there’s been an uptick in chatter that he’ll return, but is it legit? We’ve got the truth for you. First, on Days of Our Lives, Tyler told us “When I heard Brandon Barash was going to take over the role, I couldn’t have been happier… I consider him a friend”. We asked if he watches himself on either soap. He said no because “I’m super self-judgmental” so “it’s torture” to watch his scenes.

Then we had to ask about all the rumors about a General Hospital return. Tyler Christopher said it’s out of nowhere because no one at the soap has talked to him and “no one has made that information available to me”. This rumor ran rampant and looks to have been started by a site known for such things. However, the big and important thing is that Tyler made clear he’s totally open to a return to General Hospital.

Tyler told Soap Dirt: “If the opportunity became available to me, I would do it”. GH fans should recall that it was a contract negotiation break-down that led to his GH exit and debut over at Days of Our Lives. Tyler and his family live in Martinsville, Indiana, so he had to commute back and forth. He left DOOL because “being away from my children and wife nine months of the year proved hard”. Tyler said “I had to take care of myself. I’ve done that and I’m enjoying time with my family”.

Stays in Touch With Soap Friends – Always Open to Return

We also asked who from the soaps does Tyler Christopher stay in touch with. He said he still talks to Steve Burton from General Hospital. And from Days of Our Lives, he says, “I’m very good friends with Billy Flynn. He’s one of my closest friends, and also Marci Miller”. Of course, they play Chad DiMera and Abigail Deveraux on DOOL. Of interest is that Tyler said he also keeps in touch with some of the crew members from the soaps. He also said, “Maurice Benard is a very close friend of mine”.

Then Tyler said, “Some of my most coveted and lasting relationships have come from meeting people over the last 24 years” working on soaps. He added: “Daytime will always be a place for me – I will never close that door”. Until the soaps come calling, he said he has to make a living and “I only know how to do two things in life – one thing is acting and producing – and the other is health and wellness”.

Working With General Hospital’s Derk Cheetwood on New Opportunities Too

Tyler’s also working with his cousin Derk Cheetwood (Max Giambetti on GH) on a company called Vasayo where they market health and wellness items. He says this opportunity lets him “make a living from home” while he’s also developing projects for SkipStone Pictures. Tyler added, “I can’t act in Indiana – so this is what I’m doing while I wait for God to provide other opportunities”. He certainly sounded happy, healthy, and at one point, paused the interview to take care of his daughter.

So the answer is, no Tyler Christopher is NOT in talks to come back to General Hospital.  But it sounds like if the ABC soap asked, he’d definitely be open to it. So, maybe fans need to hit up Frank Valentini on Twitter and start a social media campaign to “Bring Back Tyler as Nikolas” – let’s get a hashtag trending on them #BringBackTyler.

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