Todd Chrisley Opens Up About Relationship with His Estranged Son Kyle

Anyone that has watched Chrisley Knows Best on USA realizes that Todd Chrisley doesn’t have a relationship with his son Kyle anymore. Kyle was actually on the show early on, but he doesn’t have anything to do with reality television now and Julie and Todd are raising his daughter Chloe.

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Todd explains about Chloe

People shared that Todd Chrisley is now opening up about their strained relationship. Todd revealed that Chloe has lived with them since she was only six-months-old, but she hasn’t been on their show the entire time. He explained that Chloe is old enough to understand and now she enjoys filming and being a part of the show with her family.

The fans have missed seeing her for the few seasons that she wasn’t able to film and you always knew that something was missing because she was in their day to day life, but just not on the show. Everyone asked about her during those seasons when she wasn’t around. Todd, Savannah, and Chase Chrisley all made it very clear that they love having Chloe in their lives.

Savannah even teased that she has a nail partner now. Another thing that he shared is that they are now dealing with racism that they had never dealt with before having Chloe. Some people have said negative things about Chloe on social media. She is a part of their family and does everything along with them, including the show.

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How is Kyle now?

It turns out that Kyle Chrisley is doing great and just built a new home. The one thing missing from his life is his family and that relationship hasn’t been fixed yet. Todd also shared that Kyle is working, but said Chloe is still with them. He explained that Chloe knows who her dad is, but he hopes someday their relationship will change. It doesn’t sound like things are getting any better for Todd and Kyle right now.

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