‘The Wendy Williams Show’: Charlamagne Denies Affair, Calls Wendy – Kevin Hunter Fired

The Wendy Williams Show has been hot with buzz lately. Wendy Williams has filed for a divorce from her husband, Kevin Hunter. But now Aveon Foster has dropped a bombshell about Kevin, Wendy, and Charlamagne, as seen in the below video from Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM.

Wendy Williams and Charlamagne link-up? He says no.

With Foster signed as an artist to Kevin Hunter, the singer spilled all sorts of tea to popular celebrity journalist Tasha K. In the below video, Aveon claims he had an affair with Kevin Hunter. Foster also claimed that Charlamagne and Kevin Hunter don’t get along. That’s due to Charlamagne allegedly violating the married woman. Foster claims Charlamagne and Wendy Williams had an adulterous affair. Wendy’s wedding ring is now gone.

Meanwhile, Wendy Williams is busy assuring her viewers that she is now sober and ready to move forward. “Everybody has things in their life that they’re embarrassed to share with the world,” Williams said. The controversial host spoke of being frightened to share things with the world. And not being ready to share with the world. Instead of addressing her divorce directly, Wendy is facing sobriety and her addiction head on. Doing so helped her “sort out every single compartment” of her life. Wendy’s slurred speech has also disappeared.

“It’ll be Wendy on her own.”

My business is your business, said Wendy Williams. However, she has yet to speak of abuse allegations plaguing her estranged husband. The star also has not confronted adultery allegations concerning Charlamagne. But she did mention that he called her for a dinner date. That didn’t stop the Breakfast Club crew from asking Charlamagne about whether or not he had an affair with Wendy.

According to viewers, Charlamagne squirmed and danced around some questions. However, Charlamagne gave a definitive no answer to allegations of adultery. Instead, he grew frustrated with jokes about pegging bandying about. Charlamagne wanted to focus on his public record issues. He stated that his DNA was not found in the rape kit of a sexual assault victim.

Wendy Williams Show covered Tao

In the end, Wendy Williams spoke about food more than marital issues. “Turnabout is fair game, I get it,” she said. Continuing, she spoke of getting together with sober friends. She said she was moving out of the Sober House this weekend. Her sister traveled from Miami to visit. 

Consequently, Wendy has a whole new platform of surviving addiction and alcoholism. “I have a whole new life that I planned for myself and my son,” she declared. Time spent in a room sans a TV and phone helped her sort out her life. And apparently, that life is moving forward without a reportedly philandering husband by her side. 

According to the Daily Mail, 47-year-old Hunter was fired as executive producer on the talk show. Wendy Williams served the divorce papers after nearly 22 years of marriage. The estranged couple shared a home in Livingston, New Jersey. But the host spoke of her commitment to herself and her son to “come outta here better, stronger and faster than ever.”


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