‘The Wendy Williams Show’ Drama: Wendy Freaks Out as Emily Loftiss Puts on Her Wedding Ring

The Wendy Williams Show had a bit of drama on Monday, March 4, 2019. Wendy Williams returned to her show after a long hiatus. Wendy spoke of her health. The talk show host claimed she was okay. However, when fashionista Emily Loftiss showed off new trends, the marriage drama turned real.

‘The Wendy Williams Show’ Drama: Wendy’s Ring

It was during the “Trendy @ Wendy” segment when the fireworks began. As seen below, the famous fainter welcomed style expert Emily Loftiss and and praised her style. The heat-bringer told Emily that her absolute favorite was a bittersweet trinket. Williams described how the darling tray was perfect for the end of the day, when you need a place to plop your jewelry.

Wendy Williams took off her wedding ring and placed it in the tray, Emily said “thank you” and scooped it up. Loftiss placed Wendy’s diamond on her finger, but Williams grabbed it away. Williams asked Emily if she was in a happy relationship. As a result, Emily declared that she was in a good relationship, going on five years strong.

The controversial star seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. “Okay, girls in rotten relationships can soil rings,” Wendy declared. The awkward moment had come after Williams told her audience not to ask her about her marriage until her ring came off.

Wendy Williams and her marital drama

The celebrity’s big return to her show came after fans speculated about the source of her broken shoulder. When Williams had co-hosts stand in for her, rumors ran wild. However, she showed a throwback photo of herself and Kevin Hunter, her husband. She spoke of the ebbs and flows of marriage.

The modern-day Oprah Winfrey called herself a hot topic. However, she didn’t directly address any rumors of a mistress or a baby. Instead, she spent most of the time speaking about getting her health back on track.

The hot topic is Wendy

Wendy Williams made sure to acknowledge the fact that she has become a hot topic. But that didn’t stop her from covering other hot topics in the news, such as Jussie Smollett. However, Williams seemed to get some facts about that case wrong. Williams said that Smollett earned only $1,800 per episode on his hit show Empire.

As a result of the melee over the outspoken host’s ring, viewers are leaving comments beneath the video about the mishap. Some of the diva’s fans are joking that Emily will likely not make her way back to the show due to her faux pas. Folks are calling the exchange between the host and Emily “cringy.”

Others are writing that Wendy Williams has quite a bit of nerve speaking of women in bad relationships. The fact that she would fear another woman wearing her wedding ring and bringing any more bad luck to her own union wasn’t lost on Wendy’s fans. The jokes are running rampant in the comments section of YouTube. Now that the queen of daytime has returned to her popular show, so has the drama. Diva style.

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