‘The Family Chantel’: Winter Everett Shares Weight Loss – TLC Star Looks Confident with New Appearance

The Family Chantel star Winter Everett looked noticeably different in a social media post after losing weight. Earlier this month, Winter shared a full body picture of herself. She has been sharing her workouts on Instagram story. Although, she hasn’t shared any recently. But, The Family Chantel fans are now taking notice of her thinner physique. Whether she is still hitting the gym or not, Winter is looking confident and happy. At the end of the day, weight is just a number, it is how someone feels that counts.

The Family Chantel: Winter Everett Faces Fear In The Gym

Winter Everett seemed to be working on her fitness in the gym earlier this year. She welcomed The Family Chantel followers to join her journey by sharing clips of her process online. In these clips, she shared her workouts and what she does to make herself sweat. However, Winter hasn’t shared a fitness post in over 20 weeks. So, it is not clear if she is still going to the gym.

The Family Chantel reality star revealed in one of those Instagram stories clips her biggest fear when it comes to the gym. Winter feared using the stair climber machine. She was nervous to try it. Although, she decided to face her fears and gave the machine a try. Winter took to Instagram to share how happy she was to overcome her fear of the stairs.


TLC Star Reveals New Look

Winter Everett hasn’t provided any updates on her fitness journey in awhile. However, the pictures she has been posting of herself speak for themselves. In these pictures, Winter is looking a lot thinner. All her time spent in the gym is definitely showing. She should be proud of her progress. Surely, Winter’s family is proud of her.

The Family Chantel TLC celeb shared a picture online of herself and she looked amazing. The smile on her face shows just how confident she feels. Although, she has not announced how much weight she has lost. Or if she will have a final reveal. Either way, viewers took notice of her appearance.



Fans Notice Winter Everett’s Weight Loss

Winter Everett has been receiving a lot of compliments on her appearance from fans in the comments section. Fans make it known just how pretty they think Winter is. One fan wrote, “Winter you are beautiful.” Another fan commented, “you look so beautiful.” In her pictures, she is all smiles and it looks good on her.

Some of The Family Chantel viewers that follower her on social media even noticed her weight loss. They made sure to leave comments on Winter’s pictures letting her know that she’s looking good. One supporter wrote, “Ok Winter looks like you working out or something.” The supporter added, “you look thinner.” It would be interesting to get a fitness update from her. Maybe there will be another season of The Family Chantel that will give us more on what she has been doing lately?

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