‘The Family Chantel’: Winter Everett Fashion Model in near Future?

The Family Chantel star Winter Everett is in the spotlight once again after showing off her newly found confidence and weight loss transformation. After talking about the changes that she’s making in her life to lose weight, Winter Everett is flaunting her new body in well-styled outfits. This is leaving many fans wondering if she’s considering becoming a fashion model.

The Family Chantel: Focus on Health for Winter Everett

During the filming of The Family Chantel, fans saw the noticeable difference between Winter Everett’s body compared to her other siblings. Chantel Everett, the sister of Winter, is much thinner than Winter is.

In 2019, she began to focus on making her health higher on her list of priorities. She’s been very open with her fans about how she’s making changes in her lifestyle by going to the gym more often. Plus, The Family Chantel celeb is also showing off some of her favorite workouts.

Many 90 Day Fiance fans noticed that Winter Everett had a thinner figure. Also, she’s down 50 pounds. And even though she’s lost a lot of weight, it doesn’t seem like she’s done transforming herself yet.

The Family Chantel: Winter Everett

New Passion for Celeb

Ever since losing weight, 90 Day Fiance’s Winter seems to have found passion in another hobby. She’s now showing off her favorite outfits that beautifully highlight her weight loss and the new figure that she has. Not only does she seem a lot more confident in herself, but she also seems happier.

Plus, the outfits that she’s wearing are a lot more stylish than what she used to wear on The Family Chantel. While she didn’t have poor taste in fashion before, she didn’t highlight her body as best she could. She would often wear simple jeans and blouse, or loose-fitting dresses to hide her body.

Now, she’s showing off in outfits with bright colors and bold patterns. In one of the latest pictures she’s showing off, The Family Chantel personality Winter is wearing a bright pink and purple cheetah print top. Also, she’s got a beautiful glow to her skin, and her natural hair is down past her shoulders.

In another picture that The Family Chantel lead Winter is showing, she’s wearing a form-fitting yellow floral dress. She’s wearing heels, a sun hat, her glasses, and earrings. You can clearly see her hourglass figure in this dress. And her double-chin is a lot smaller than previously seen whens Winter has heavier.

The Family Chantel: Winter Everett

The Family Chantel: Next Steps for Winter

When she’s not filming on The Family Chantel, Winter is spending her free-time focusing on making herself and her health a priority. After losing more weight, she could chase after becoming a professional fashion model. Watch The Family Chantel to learn what’s next for Winter Everett.

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