‘The Family Chantel’: Winter Everett Switches up Hairstyle – Shows off Healthier Natural Hair Growth

The Family Chantel star Winter Everett has been switching up her hairstyle. She has recently been all about rocking her natural locks. Winter is focusing on taking care of her hair in hopes to have healthier looking hair.

Since Winter Everett has been all about her hair care, she has seen a big difference in how fast her hair can now grow and how it looks. The Family Chantel fans have even taken notice of her new appearance.

The Family Chantel: Winter Everett Focuses on Hair Care

Since appearing on The Family Chantel TLC show, Winter Everett has been going through quite the transformation. She kept 90 Day Fiance fans up to date on her weight loss journey. At one point Winter lost almost 20 pounds. However, it is not clear if she is still hitting up the gym. Since she hasn’t given an update on whether or not she has been working out in almost a year. 

Now it seems like The Family Chantel reality star is focusing on another aspect of her appearance. Her hair. Winter Everett has been making sure that she is taking good care of her natural curls. She said that “deep conditioning is very important.” According to Winter, she makes sure to deep condition her hair at least “1 to 2 times a month.”

The Family Chantel - Winter Everett

TLC Star Winter Everett Reveals Hair Growth Technique

Since Winter Everett has been focusing on her hair care, she has noticed a big difference in the way her hair grows. On the show, she had short hair. But, it’s not that short anymore. In only a month her hair has already grown a noticeable length. Winter said that she is “so proud to say that I have healthy thriving wooly hair.”

A fan of The Family Chantel show was curious how Winter Everett was able to grow her hair so fast. The fan wrote, “a month? Tell me how, Winter.” Winter wrote back, “I have my split ends cut” off. She also said that she “wore a lot of protective hairstyles.” Although, this technique may not work for everyone. But, Winter was able to see great results.

The Family Chantel - Winter Everett

The Family Chantel Celeb Shows off Healthy Hair

Winter Everett has also been focusing on the health of her hair. Pictures of her hair not only show the growth progress, but it also shows how healthy her locks looks. She said that her hair looks “healthier, thicker and longer.” Whatever she has been doing is definitely working.

The Family Chantel fans don’t hesitate to let her know what they think about the recent changes she made to her haircare routine. One fan said, “your hair is gorgeous.” While another fan said, “your hair is absolutely lovely, just like you.”

It seems like it is the season for hair changes. Winter Everett joins 90 Day Fiance’s Karine Martins when it comes to switching up their hairstyles. Karine recently dyed the end of her hair a deep blue. She also got extensions to make her hair thicker and longer.

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