‘The Family Chantel’: Pedro Wants Mom And Sister To Live In America – Chantel And Coraima Face Off

The Family Chantel a TLC spinoff of 90 Day Fiance is about to get crazy. TLC dropped an explosive trailer earlier this week, teasing tons of dramas from Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno’s families. Will they be able to find peace and accept each other? Or will their never-ending conflict break Pedro and Chantel’s marriage?

90 Day Fiance: Pedro Jimeno Calls Family Chantel A ‘Circus’

On the first promotional video of TLC’s The Family Chantel, Pedro Jimeno makes it very clear that he’s still at odds with Chantel Everett’s family. The 90 Day Fiance star kicks off the teaser declaring he “married a circus”.

Despite Pedro’s apparent animosity towards the family, he still seems willing to smooth things out between them. In one scene, the Santo Domingo native had a heart-to-heart talk with his in-laws in what appears to be a counseling session. Pedro expresses his hope of having a good relationship with the Everetts, particularly with Chantel’s dad Thomas and brother River. However, he finds it challenging to do because of their unpleasant history.


Pedro Wants To Bring Mother And Sister In America

Amid all the family drama, Pedro Jimeno starts looking into bringing his mother Lidia Morel and sister Nicole Jimeno Morel in the U.S. The Family Chantel celeb is considering relocating his family so that they can all live together. During a visit to an immigration lawyer, Pedro asks the possibilities of having his mom and sibling reside in America permanently.

However, his plans might not come to fruition as Chantel Everett flat out rejects the idea. The 90 Day Fiance star makes it very clear that she’s not willing to open up her home to her in-laws, who have been treating her poorly. The same goes for Pedro’s mother-in-law. Apparently, Karen Everett doesn’t agree with Pedro’s plans, implying that it’ll not do them any good.


90 Day Fiance: Family Chantel Goes To The Dominican Republic

Meanwhile, Pedro Jimeno’s grandmother falls ill, prompting him to return to the Dominican Republic. This time, he’s bringing Chantel Everett and the rest of her family in tow. As expected, the meeting of two families is nothing short of dramatic and intense. In fact, The Family Chantel stars engage in multiple confrontations throughout the entire visit.

At one point, Karen Everett makes a sarcastic remark about Chantel’s in-laws, “Some roses smell like booboo and this is the case with your in-laws”. In another scene, the Everetts and Jimenos had a heated argument, with Nicole calling Chantel’s family “horrible”. Lidia, on the other hand, never missed the chance to bring up the infamous dinner fight for the nth time. She calls out Karen for inviting Pedro and Chantel only to “assault” them.

In the end, Chantel’s family opts to walk out of the scene and avoid further drama. Will they be able to forgive and forget?

Obed Spills The Beans To Chantel’s Family

As they spend time in the Dominican Republic, Chantel Everett takes the chance to let her parents know about Pedro Jimeno’s alleged secret. The Family Chantel meets up with Obed Corporan and learns the worrying news.

Obed tells Karen and Thomas that Pedro’s family “were trying to get Pedro and Chantel together to get him papers,” referring to the green card. He maintains that the Pedro’s mother and sister are up to no good and only use Chantel for their own benefit.

90 Day Fiance: Feisty Chantel Goes Head To Head With Coraima Morla

The Family Chantel teaser also showcases Chantel Everett’s feisty side. The 90 Day Fiance star finally comes face to face with Coraima Morla, the woman who dirty danced with Pedro Jimeno.

Pedro and Chantel are having a meal together when Nicole Jimeno and Coraima show up, looking smug as ever. The moment Chantel sees Coraima, she couldn’t help but recall the lap dance video intentionally shown to her by her sister-in-law. “I still have visions of Pedro slinging that girl all over the dance floor,” Chantel admits.

It’s pretty obvious that Coraima Morla is flirting with Pedro even with Chantel around. That probably triggers Chantel’s mean side. After dropping some snide remarks at Coraima, Chantel ruthlessly throws water on her face.

Catch The Family Chantel on Monday, July 22 at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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