‘The Family Chantel’: Nicole Jimeno’s New Look – Did She Get Plastic Surgery? Before-After Photos

The Family Chantel star Nicole Jimeno Morel may have gone under the knife given recent photos showing a larger bustline. The younger sister of Pedro Jimeno isn’t one to hide her body behind baggy clothes and modest outfits. And since she’s always showing off her figure, it’s clear to see some major changes to her body. Look at the before and after photos below.

The Family Chantel: Nicole Jimeno’s Hot Look

Nicole Jimeno Morel from The Family Chantel seems to always be turning up the heat with the selfies she’s taking. This 90 Day Fiance star is often snapping a pic from a different angle. Or she’ll be wearing something revealing. But, she doesn’t seem to be paying any attention to the haters.

It always seems like Nicole’s taking every opportunity to grab a picture of herself in a bikini. And even though she shares these pictures with her boyfriend, Alejandro Padron. But, it’s also grabbing the attention of many of her fans.

What caught the eye of 90 Day Fiance viewers isn’t the pictures she’s taking themselves. Instead, it’s her chest. In a recent photo, her breasts look a lot bigger. But first, take a look at the “before” pic below.

The Family Chantel: Nicole Jimeno

Did 90 Day Fiance Spinoff Star Get Plastic Surgery?

It’s clear that her bosom is a lot different looking, especially when you look back on early episodes of The Family Chantel and 90 Day Fiance. Back when Nicole Jimeno first popped up on TLC episodes, she was the victim of hateful comments. At times, she was teased about the small size of her top half. And with Pedro’s wife, Chantel Everett, being so busty, it was quite a contrast.

You can see in the above photo that the 90 Day Fiance alum had what looks like a B-cup. Now, it’s clear to see why people question if she had a possible chest enlargement. In the “after” pic below, Nicole is bouncing through the waves and frolicking in the water. Although she’s bouncing around, her chest isn’t moving too much.

That spawned some surgery questions about Nicole from The Family Chantel. Plus, there is clearly defined roundness to her chest – another hallmark of implants. Finally, there’s the fact that her bustline appears much larger than in the before photo. Now, she looks more like a C-cup or larger.

The Family Chantel: Nicole Jimeno

The Family Chantel: Nicole Jimeno’s Latest Life Update

But, Nicole Jimeno isn’t talking about whether she’s had cosmetic enhancement surgery. Plus, there are even some The Family Chantel fans wondering whether Nicole is pregnant. That’s because pregnancy can increase your bust and they noted the larger size of her chest.

However, Nicole’s not addressing pregnancy rumors. And if she did have work done, people wonder if Nicole’s boyfriend Alejandro is the one paying for her plastic surgery. Remember, he bought her a new phone, shoes, and other expensive items. There’s no question that Alejandro has money to spend and is willing to spend it on Nicole.

Plus, Alejandro wouldn’t be the only boyfriend on TLC history to pay for cosmetic work. 90 Day Fiance star Jonathan Rivera paid for his ex, Fernande Flores’ bust enlargement procedure. There have been many other 90 Day Fiance celebrities that have got plastic surgery. So, Nicole Jimeno Morel would be just one of many TLC cast members getting surgery to plump their assets.

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