‘The Family Chantel’: Angenette & Royal Everett Enjoy Married Life After TV Stint

The Family Chantel Season 2 ended but fans still can’t get over Angenette and Royal Everett. All eyes were on the couple as they deal with the challenges of married life and never-ending family drama. And while it’s true that the show ended on a high note for the couple, many are still wondering if things are still going well for them.

The Family Chantel: Royal Everett & Angenette Enjoy Married Life Away From Limelight?

It looks like Angenette and her husband Royal Everett moved on from the drama of The Family Chantel. The couple seemed to have withstood the challenges, mostly brought by Chantel Everett and her family. Recently, SD reported that Royal and Angenette are still together, despite everything that went down on the TLC spinoff.

With their TV stint over, for now, the reality TV spouses get to share more of their married life. It seems Angenette is getting more comfortable about their relationship, now that they’re away from the spotlight. The Filipina native has been spending a lot of time with her husband at their home in America.

Judging by their photo seen below, The Family Chantel stars enjoy smooth-sailing in their married life. This is a far cry from what viewers saw on the 90 Day Fiance reality spinoff. It remains to be seen if Angenette is now getting along well with Chantel Everett and the rest of her family.

The Family Chantel: Royal Everett - Angenette


Angenette & Royal Expand Their Family

Meanwhile, Angenette proudly showed off the third member of her family with Royal Everett. The Family Chantel star took a photo of her husband, happily playing with their pet dog Cookie. The older brother of Chantel Everett showcased his soft side as he bonded with his fur baby.

It seems Royal and his wife Angenette welcomed their pet earlier this year. Since then, the adorable pooch has been inseparable from the couple. Many are now wondering if they’re planning on growing their family again, this time, with a baby.

During their stint on 90 Day Fiance sequel The Family Chantel, it came out that Angenette was pregnant with Royal’s child. Unfortunately, she suffered a devastating miscarriage. Plus, Royal accused her of lying about the baby’s paternity. He felt the unborn child was not his, suggesting his wife hooked up with another man. But Angenette insisted it was Royal’s baby.

The Family Chantel: Royal Everett


The Family Chantel: Will There Be Season 3?

Fans are now anticipating whether or not The Family Chantel will be picked up for a third season. TLC has yet to announce what’s next for the show. Despite that, many are hoping to get a deeper look at Royal Everett and Angenette’s journey, especially after the wedding.

Then there’s the complicated love story of Nicole Jimeno and her boyfriend Alejandro. Of course, the show will never be complete without the drama between Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett. For now, fans will have to wait and see if the hit series will make a comeback soon complete with Angenette and her husband Royal Everett.

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