‘The Family Chantel’: Are Royal Everett and Angenette Still Together?

The Family Chantel newbie Angenette and husband Royal Everett – Are they still together? She is facing more drama with her in-laws. The Filipina native remains at odds with Royal Everett’s family and it’s not looking good. It seems she is now the target of Family Chantel’s doubts, closely similar to what Pedro Jimeno experienced in the past.

The Family Chantel: Angenette Upstaged on Wedding Day with Royal

Things continue to heat up between Angenette and her in-laws. After a series of awkward moments, Royal Everett’s wife has had enough of it on her actual wedding day. On Monday’s episode of The Family Chantel, Angenette expressed her dismay over Chantel and the rest of her family.

The TLC family seemingly upstaged the bride and she’s not happy about it. Chantel, along with her mom Karen and sister Winter were all glammed up for Angenette’s big day. They were all wearing fancy long gowns, a far cry from what Royal’s wife expected.

The Family Chantel newcomer felt like all eyes will be on them, instead of her and Royal. She added that it’s very unusual for people in her town to see such pricey stuff. “We don’t really afford those expensive stuff,” she explained. “It kind of upset me a little bit because the attention of the people should be on us, Royal and I.”

The Family Chantel: Winter - River - Chantel - Pedro - Karen - Thomas

Chantel & Pedro’s History Repeats Itself

With the way things unfold, many couldn’t help but compare Angenette’s struggles to that of Pedro Jimeno’s.  The 90 Day Fiance alum had a rough past with Chantel’s family and vice-versa. Even now, the two families continue to clash, showing no sign of making peace for good.

This time around, The Family Chantel is still skeptical about Angenette. She’s been accused of being unfaithful to Royal, getting pregnant by another guy, and her mom supposedly reaching out to Chantel’s uncle. Still, Royal continues to stand up for his wife, even if he has his own doubts as well.

The Family Chantel: Royal Everett - Angenette

The Family Chantel: Are Royal & Angenette Still Together?

Meanwhile, many are wondering if Angenette and Royal are still together. The Family Chantel couple has their fair share of ups and downs as seen on the show. The newlywed have been trying to make their marriage work but the family drama makes it quite challenging for them.

Despite the struggles, Angenette and her spouse Royal (at this time) are going strong. Angenette were recently seen enjoyed an evening stroll with Royal, basking in the holiday vibe of colorfully lit trees. It’s good to see the couple holding on to their marriage despite the problems that come their way.

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