‘The Bachelorette’: Hannah Brown and Luke P Twitter Fight – Her Men Have Her Back

The Bachelorette Hannah Brown finally sent (spoiler alert) Luke Parker packing last night in the much anticipated fantasy suite episode. Luke expressed his religious views about waiting for marriage to indulge in sexual activities and basically shamed her. So, Hannah dropped him like a hot potato. But that didn’t stop another fight from breaking out between the two on Twitter, where Luke continued his torment Hannah.

Much like next week, when Luke Parker shows up after being sent home by The Bachelorette , he was not taking no for an answer. Luke P and Hannah went back and forth on the social media platform. Plus, several of Hannah’s former guys and Bachelor contestants backed her up.

The Bachelorette: Hannah Brown Sends Luke Parker Home — Finally

Last night was the most anticipated episode of this season. Because Hannah Brown finally kicked Luke P to the curb. He was her fourth and finally fantasy suite, where he told her more about his religious views and how having sex before marriage is a “mistake”.

Hannah shut him up quickly by informing him that, “I’ve had sex and Jesus still loves me”. The entire thing was the straw that broke the camel’s back, finally opening up Hannah’s eyes to what the rest of the men always said about Luke. She didn’t give him a rose, but that didn’t stop him from returning in the next The Bachelorette episode.

Luke P Starts Twitter Feed To Troll Hannah Brown

Yesterday, Luke Parker created a Twitter account that appears to be one more way he can torture Hannah Brown. Most of his very few tweets were directed at Hannah and had to do with her “sin” of indulging in sexual activities during the fantasy suite dates. Luke tweeted, that their differences are how they view “sin”. He said he weeps at his sins but said that Hannah laughs at hers.

Hannah Calls Out Judgy Luke

Well, Hannah wasn’t having that. She slapped back on the Bachelorette contestant with a taste of his own medicine saying, that Jesus loved sinners and ate with them.

Luke still tried to one-up her. Yet, Hannah shut him down by reminding him that she never threw deli meat in somebody’s lap.

Hannah Brown’s Guy Posse Defends Her

While Bachelorette Hannah Brown did just fine defending herself, some of her friends and guys from the season jumped in to help. Some of the men from her season chimed in, including Tyler Cameron, Dylan Barbour and Garrett Powell. They guys had several things to say in defense of The Bachelorette and even cheered her on. “Can’t wear those jeans ever again,” Garrett added, having Luke P’s bologna tossing victim.

Her bestie from The Bachelor, Demi Burnett, even praised her for standing up for herself. Saying that she had her back and would have provided some back-up had the “queen” needed it.

But The Bachelorette handled herself just fine.

The Bachelorette: This Won’t Be The Last Of Luke P

If you haven’t seen the promo for next episode, be warned: this isn’t the end of Luke. Once again, he refuses to take no for an answer and crashes the next rose ceremony. Hannah Brown obviously doesn’t want him there and the three remaining guys jump in to separate the two. It appears that things might get physical because Luke just won’t accept Hannah B rejecting him. Tune in on Monday to see how it all goes down on The Bachelorette.

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