‘The Bachelor’: Emmanuel Acho has the Uncomfortable Conversation We’ve Waited For

Emmanuel Acho, the host of Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man replaced Chris Harrison on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose. He also dropped a Bachelorette bombshell.  He discussed the scandal following The Bachelor contestant Rachael Kirkconnell’s past behavior, what the effects Chris Harrison defending her had, and what has happened since.

Emmanuel Acho Speaks to ‘The Bachelor’ Runner Up Michelle Young

Emmanuel Acho first brings out Michelle Young. She says after seeing Matt James with her family she was sold. When Matt told her about his doubts and ended it, she was “blindsided.” Viewers also find out that Michelle asked for two minutes to talk to Matt and was refused. Michelle Young tells Emmanuel she is ready to have the conversation she was denied on the finale of The Bachelor. Emmanuel Acho also asks about the racism scandal that surfaced about Rachael Kirkconnell. Michelle says that the information hurt her. She acknowledged that Kirkconnell has a good heart but a lot of learning to do.

Matt James is brought out to the stage and hugs Michelle Young. She tells him it is hard for her to sit there. Michelle had to walk away without closure and she was not okay. Matt describes her as a breath of fresh air and tells her he really cared.

Emmanuel Acho asks Michelle Young if she still loves him. After a pause, she says that she’s not “in love” with Matt James like when she left. Her final words for Matt are to kiss with his eyes closed and come up with something better than “thanks for sharing.”

A Conversation Between Two Black Men – Emmanuel Acho & Matt James

Emmanuel Acho tells the audience that next up will be a conversation with Matt James. Emmanuel asks Matt if he felt the pressure from being the “first black Bachelor.” Matt James says it is the first time for a lot of people to have a black man in their homes and having to make people “comfortable with your blackness.” To present a positive image was his goal where as other leads on The Bachelor have had it easier.

Matt tells Emmanuel he loved being on the show. It allowed Matt James to open up and share emotions in a way he never had. This was what led to him being able to open up to the women, especially Rachael. After the show was an extended honeymoon. However, when rumors started spreading about Rachael’s past behavior and actions, Matt James dismissed them. When they became fact, he questioned everything.

“The Most Uncomfortable Conversation in The Bachelor History”

Rachael comes out on her own and says she’s not going to victimize herself. She never thought to question the meaning behind what these pictures represented and acknowledges her ignorance. However, the accusations made by former classmates that Rachael mocked them for dating black men was not discussed. She does say when Matt James ended things, she was confused and blindsided.

Matt is brought out and she apologizes. Rachael tells Matt she understands why he ended things now. Matt says the whole thing was very disappointing and has trouble getting words out. Finally, Matt explains that a big issue was having to describe to her why her actions were problematic. Rachael tells him he is the only reason she did The Bachelor and doesn’t see anyone else out there for her. He declines to answer whether the door is still open and refuses to give her one last embrace.

Bachelorette Bombshell

Emmanuel Acho brings a lighter mood announcing the new Bachelorette. However, it’s not just one but two. Both Katie Thurston and Michelle Young will hold the title of The Bachelorette. Katie will be first followed by Michelle. Fans could not be more excited following the chaos on Matt James’s season of The Bachelor.

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