‘The Bachelor’: Will Matt James Put a Ring On It?

The Bachelor’s Matt James is down to his final two women. On the season finale, Michelle Young and Rachael Kirkconnell will have the opportunity to meet Matt’s family. Will Matt’s history with his father still cause problems for a possible proposal? Finally viewers will get to see it all unfold on the season finale of The Bachelor.

The Bachelor Spoilers: Matt James Ready for an Engagement?

Matt James has a tough decision this week. Michelle Young is a woman he describes as “everything I’m looking for in a wife.” Rachel is someone who “pushes” him. This is the week on The Bachelor these two women will meet James’s family and have one shot to make a good impression.

Michelle Young is up first on The Bachelor. John, Matt’s brother takes her aside. He asks her what qualities stand out to her. She tells him she admires he is a man of his word and that she trusts him. Then Patty, Matt’s mother takes Michelle aside next. She tells her that growing up Matt always chose friends with strong families and that it was hard for her. Patty tells him she can easily see Michelle Young as part of the family.

Next up for Matt James is Rachael Kirkconnell. She tells the family that she has worn her heart on her sleeve throughout because of how easy it is to trust Matt. Then, John takes her aside and dives in. She tells him she has had one serious relationship in high school and one in college.  This leads her to confide she has never truly been in love and sees him as her “other half.” Rachael tells Patty that she is ready for marriage and that she knew from day one of The Bachelor she was going to fall. 

“Love is Not the End All, Be All”

Matt’s mom reminds him not to rush into anything. This was what caused his parent’s marriage to end. Patty asks him if he sees himself getting engaged. This causes Matt James to start having doubts about what decision he would make.

As a result, The Bachelor host Chris Harrison is summoned for guidance and advice. Matt tells him he has never brought a woman home. This causes him to wonder if he’s really ready for a serious, everlasting commitment. Last week, Matt James had seemed so confident. Chris comments this is very different from the man he had seen. Fear of history repeating itself is real for Matt.

We enter The Bachelor’s final one-on-one dates, starting with Michelle Young. All seems to be going well but, viewers begin to see the cracks in Matt’s facade. When all the cards are put on the table, he cannot reciprocate Michelle’s feelings and breaks things off. This causes Matt to tell Chris Harrison he needs some time and asks to cancel his date with Rachael Kirkconnell.

Will Matt James Go Home Alone on the Season Finale of The Bachelor?

Matt James wasn’t sure he would be able to propose. He picks out a pear-shaped ring by The Bachelor’s jeweler Neil Lane to “hold onto”. He says that “if this ring goes on, it’s not coming off.”  Matt the decided to send Rachael a note to meet him at the lake. Then as she gets ready, she expresses the fear he is going to break her heart.

As the car approaches, Chris Harrison meets Rachael Kirkconnell and she confides in him. Then she follows the path and sees Matt and tells him, possibly one more time, how she feels. While he doesn’t propose to Rachael, he pledges his commitment to her. Since this ending was not a surprise, viewers were anxious for the After The Final Rose special.

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