‘The Bachelor’: Catherine Agro Aggressively Seeks Colton Underwood

The Bachelor premiere episode aired this week with Florida DJ Catherine Agro aggressively seeking Colton Underwood. Competition is always steep in The Bachelor mansion. Bachelorettes competitively vowed for Colton‘s attention. But Catherine didn’t allow the challenge to intimidate her. She interrupted several conversations. The DJ wanted to ensure she received adequate time with Colton.

The Bachelor Ultimate Icebreaker – The Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties are always a major highlight of opening night. Hoping to be memorable, the women all found unique ways to entertain The Bachelor. Colton’s ladies did not disappoint either. They creatively found ways to shine. Everything from a carnival playground (Tayshia Adams) to a live orchestra (Sydney Lotuaco) were present.

Cocktail parties are often competitive and stressful. Many women never get a moment with The Bachelor. Therefore, making it difficult to make a good first impression. It’s important to stand out among the crowd of women. It’s even more difficult to catch Colton’s eye if another bachelorette is hogging all his time.

Catherine Agro – The Show Stopper

Catherine Agro successfully spoke with Colton Underwood four times during the cocktail party. Other girls were more than angry. Catherine interrupted several ladies. Initially, another bachelorette interrupted her, which led her to believe she didn’t receive enough time with the star of the show, Colton.

The determined bachelorette made it her mission to spend time with the new Bachelor, Colton Underwood. Even if it meant interfering with other women’s moments. Cast mate Onyeka Ehie took it upon herself to tell Catherine about her rudeness. Catherine states she didn’t intend to be rude. However, Onyeka politely told her to back off. The two agreed to disagree and moved on. But that didn’t prevent Agro from pursing Colton Underwood one more time. The ladies were livid.

Catherine Agro hails from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She is both a real estate agent and successful DJ (DJ Argo). A graduate of the University of Florida, Catherine is a true “Floridian” at heart. On the premiere episode, she brought along her pet dog to give Colton. Temporarily of course. She wanted to “give” The Bachelor something special to her. Chris Harrison was the dog sitter for the evening. Catherine survived the night and proceeded on to the next episode.

The Bachelor Party Interrupters: Is it Getting Old?

Fans of the Bachelor franchise know this isn’t the first time a contestant has dominated cocktail one-on-ones. Krystal Nielson from Arie’s season of The Bachelor was also known for excessively spending time with The Bachelor. She became well known for interruptions. Unfortunately, she was also called a “villain.” Reality Steve states the party interrupter role is played out.

In episode two, Catherine will be invited out on a group date along with seven other women. Hannah Godwin, Demi Burnett, Tracy, Onyeka Ehie, Nicole Lopez-Alvar, Elyse Dehlbom, and Brianna Barnes will all get on stage to talk about a “first” in their lives (hence the first group date). Elyse will receive the first impression rose. Catherine will survive the second rose ceremony, but will be allegedly eliminated during the third one. Apparently Colton doesn’t see a future with her.

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