‘The Bachelor’: Colton Underwood Virgin Punchline Icebreakers – Too Much?

The Bachelor launched season 23 this week with Colton Underwood but is the focus on his virgin status too much after all the attention it got from the women during the icebreakers? This year, ABC chose a virgin Bachelor for the first time ever. Technically, Sean Lowe was a celibate bachelor, but only for a few years prior to the show. He was a “born again” virgin and also the only Bachelor to ever marry a finalist.

Bachelor Colton Underwood – Sexless in the City

So why is Colton Underwood’s intimacy status such as big deal to America? Probably because a man being that sexually innocent in this day and age is such a rare find. Especially among young, attractive athletes such as Colton. The nation is amazed at his ability to remain strong for so long. Colton states initially, his sexless status was intentional.

However, throughout the years, sports dominated his time and his personal life became less of a focal point. The first night of The Bachelor was rather interesting. Colton Underwood met a variety of different women, all desiring his heart. He was greeted by a sloth, served nuts, and received a box of butterflies. He was also reminded of his virginity quite a bit. A bachelorette even popped a red balloon, referencing it as a cherry.

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Colton Underwood Meets the Bachelorettes – Virgin Jokes Gone Wild?

The bachelor received quite a few memorable icebreakers during limo introductions. Some of these included:

  • Demi Burnett: “I have not dated a virgin since I was 12!”
  • Caitlin Clemmens: “This is for you…I popped your cherry!”
  • Katie Morton: “I don’t know what card you were thinking, but I think I just took your v-card!”
  • Alex D (dressed as a sloth, talking in slow motion): “I heard you take things slooooow.”

Fans on Twitter had plenty to say about the virgin buffoonery. Many fans stated the jokes were a bit much. The Bachelor even tweeted: “Is anyone drunk yet from taking shots anytime they say ‘virgin’”?

He also commented: “I know the virgin thing is overplayed…hang in there! You will find out other things about me, I promise.” There’s an entire thread dedicated to fed up fans.

Colton Tired of V-Card Jabs

The world first learned about Colton Underwood’s sexless past on The Bachelorette. Rebecca Kufrin initially didn’t receive the news well. However, after she walked out after learning about it, she eventually accepted the revelation. Many viewers were appalled by her actions. They believe she should have shown more support.

This season on The Bachelor should be full of many thrills and surprises. Colton Underwood’s girls will definitely deliver excitement. Hopefully the V-card jokes will simmer down, and romance will ensue. Get ready for an unforgettable season as we watch it all unfold on ABC.

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