‘The Bachelor’ 2019: Who Gets Colton Underwood’s First Impression Rose Revealed

Colton Underwood started his journey as The Bachelor 2019 and it turns out his first impression rose has already been given out.

Reality Steve has spoilers on who Colton Underwood gave this rose. You have to remember that several times the winner of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette was the person that got this first impression rose. That makes this girl a front-runner because she got it and you can expect to at least see her for a while this season.

Colton Underwood’s first impression rose

Colton Underwood’s first impression rose went to Hannah Godwin. Reality Steve simply shared this information on his Twitter account. So far, Steve didn’t have anything else to say about it. One fan replied commenting that she looks like Lauren B., which you can assume means, Bushnell. She is blonde like her. Hopefully, more information will come out about how this all went down before The Bachelor 2019 starts airing in January on ABC. The season will finish filming a while before it starts to air.

Who is Hannah Godwin?

Reality Steve already shared information about ten of the girls that will be trying to win the heart of Colton Underwood this season. Hannah Godwin is one of the girls he already shared about and that fans got to know.

Hannah Godwin is 23-years-old and from Alabama. A lot of the girls on this season are under 26, so it isn’t shocking that Colton Underwood gave his first impression rose to a younger girl. She works as a media manager at Soca Clothing. She is also not the only Hannah this season so they will probably call her Hannah G. for a while.


One thing about Hannah Godwin is that she already has a pretty big social following. This could mean a few things. For one, Hannah might have not joined the show simply to get a social following and get paid for posts. A lot of people seem to do this and it works for them. Another thing is Hannah Godwin could be trying to break into some kind of business seeing that she is already popular. Only time will tell if she is in it for the right reasons and that is to win Colton Underwood’s heart.

The new season with Colton Underwood will start airing on ABC in January of 2019. The spoilers will be posted here and you do not want to miss them. Colton just started filming his season, but this virgin looks like he is in for a great season.

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