‘The Bachelor’ 2019: Tia Booth Shares Thoughts On Colton Underwood Handing Out Roses

The Bachelor 2019 is about to be announced and Tia Booth is sharing her thoughts on Colton Underwood possibly being the one handing out roses. The rumors are that he will end up being cast in the role, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. Colton is on this season of Bachelor in Paradise trying to find love.

Tia Booth shares her thoughts

Tia booth is speaking out and sharing her thoughtsET shared what she had to say about the possibility of Colton getting the job. Reality Steve actually revealed on Twitter that Colton will be the one picked. ABC is going to reveal The Bachelor on Tuesday morning on Good Morning America where they will interview the man they picked.


ET’s Lauren Zima got the chance to talk to Tia Booth at the Bachelor in Paradise finale taping. She shared that she isn’t convinced that Colton Underwood is ready for the job.

Are Tia and Colton over?

The thing to remember is that if you are watching Bachelor in Paradise then you don’t even know that Tia and Colton don’t work out. By sharing her thoughts, she actually revealed a huge spoiler. She said, “I don’t know that he’s ready. I don’t.” If these two were still in a relationship, then Tia wouldn’t be saying that at all. Tia should have tried to cover up the spoiler, but she didn’t even attempt.

Reality Steve did also spoil that Tia and Colton don’t work out in the end. He says that they will end up leaving the show already split. It sounds like Colton makes it clear that he doesn’t see forever with her. There is no reason for them to keep trying after the show is over.

Tia shares more thoughts

Tia Booth went on to share more thoughts about Colton as The Bachelor. She said, “I mean, it was just about two months ago that I was telling him that he really needs to figure himself out before he can fully be with someone else. If there’s a chance that Colton is the Bachelor, I would hope that he is fully ready for that experience knowing that he wants to be engaged at the end of it.” She actually hopes that Jason Tartick gets the job instead.

A lot of Bachelor Nation does feel like Colton Underwood will be the one who will be picked, though. This will be pretty interesting seeing that Colton is a virgin. He dated Tia before he ended up going on The Bachelorette with Becca Kufrin. Obviously, he didn’t end up with Becca and things don’t work with Tia either. Being on The Bachelor is a great way for Colton to get another chance at finding love.

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