‘The Bachelor’ 2019: New ‘GMA’ Tweet Gives Reason to Believe Colton Underwood Gets the Job

The Bachelor 2019 is about to be announced and a new tweet from Good Morning America makes it look like Colton Underwood will get the job. Colton is still on Bachelor in Paradise and with Tia Booth, but it doesn’t appear that is going to work out. Now, it would be shocking if anyone but Colton gets the job.

Good Morning America‘s new tweet about The Bachelor

Good Morning America just shared a tweet that shows that they are about to announce who landed the role of The Bachelor 2019. Sometimes they wait until Dancing With the Stars. This upcoming season’s lead will be announced on Tuesday morning. This will also be the new bachelor’s first interview about being cast.

Why would this be Colton Underwood?

This totally fits with the rumors that Colton Underwood will be The BachelorABC recently shared about what will happen on Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise. This will be Episode 505A. In their information for the new episode, it says a lot.

“An overconfident bachelorette is devastated when her man tells her that he can’t give her the future that she deserves. Everyone is shocked when they discover that this couple that seemed so stable has split up and split for the States, separately.”

Reality Steve already shared that Colton Underwood and Tia Booth don’t end up making it. His spoilers say that Colton and Tia won’t leave the show together or get engaged. This fits in perfect saying that Colton could be the one telling his girl that he wants to leave. Then, they could announce him as The Bachelor 2019 the next morning. This is probably what is going to go down. The viewers are going to have to wait until Good Morning America on Tuesday to see for sure.

Another thing that Reality Steve already revealed was that Colton Underwood will be The Bachelor 2019. He was sure that they would be announcing this soon. Steve didn’t see any reason that ABC would change their mind about who was going to be handing out roses next season.

What else happens Monday night?

Monday night on Bachelor in Paradise there are several things that go down. The big thing you don’t want to miss is a proposal. Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon will get engaged on the show. These two met on Bachelor in Paradise, but it took them a bit to find their way into a relationship. Kevin Wendt will be forced to watch his ex get engaged to someone else, which can’t be easy on him.

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