‘Temptation Island’: David Benavidez and Kate Griffith Back Together after Cheating

Temptation Island Season Two saw couple Kate Griffith and unfaithful David Benavidez struggle through their relationship and David’s cheating. Now, he and Kate are back as a couple despite what was seen on the show.

Temptation Island just wrapped up its second season on USA Network. On the show, couples agree to live with a group of single strangers in order to test the strength of their love. No doubt, it often fails and there’s cheating, tears, and plenty of drama.

Temptation Island: David Benavidez Unfaithful to Kate Griffith

David Benavidez promised Kate Griffith to be faithful to her while on Temptation Island. Later, Kate learned that David could not keep to his word. Now, Kate admits that she should have “put her foot down” when agreeing to be on the show. On the island, audiences saw David flirt, shower and even sleep with other women on Temptation Island. David Benavidez left the island with Toneata Morgan. Meanwhile, Kate Griffith left single and ready to mingle.

Recently, Kate Griffith stated in a lengthy Instagram post that she has taken her ex back and they are happy together. She says she doesn’t owe anyone any explanations for the decisions she’s mad. Kate said they had to do a lot of work to save their relationship post-Temptation Island. And their hearts needed to heal.


He Claims He Was Victim of Editing

Next, Temptation Island‘s David Benavidez also had something to say on social media about his time on the show. Also, he states that the show does not accurately portray relationships and that everyone is just playing a role.

David wrote that the ‘reality’ show did not accurately depict him or the other cast members accurately and implied that the editing did not show everything. David Benavidez also called out other cast members saying that they have “bruised egos” and just want their “15 minutes of fame”.


Temptation Island: Kate and David Finally Happy

Plus, Kate Griffith said the “negativity” surrounding the show disturbed her. Plus, other members of Temptation Island continue to speak on David Benavidez’s cheating. However, he and Kate Griffith learned to block out the haters. Now, they claim they’re happy and that real life is not as simple as a TV show. So, it seems their break from social media was good for them.

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