‘Temptation Island’: Casey Starchak Buys Ring Before Final Bonfire [Recap]

On Temptation Island, it’s the beginning of the end as Casey Starchak buys a ring in a last-ditch effort to win back Ashley Howland. And we see the final overnight dates. Thus, the title Tonight Can Change Everything. This recap shows the episode was a lot like David Benavidez and Toneata Morgan’s shared brain cell.

Long on mood music, sunsets and slurping sounds, but short on anything really meaningful. Let’s see who landed on their feet, whose feet never touched the ground and if any feet were spared during Gavin Rocker’s date. Temptation Island airs Thursdays at 10 PM on the USA network.

Temptation Island Recap: The Gals Pick a Final Overnight Date

This week’s Temptation Island recap picks up at the guy’s villa. Casey Starchak is busy making a PowerPoint to win Ashley Howland back. Gavin Rocker realized his girl Esonica Veira spent all her island time with the same dude. And he was in h;er bed last night. He vents to the lovely Mia Metcalf, who sees through him like Saran Wrap. He flirts but it’s a little/a lot too late. Payton Burgess lurks nearby giving Gavin a pity hug.

On Temptation Island host Mark L Walberg glides into the gal’s villa with confidence. That’s no surprise since he stayed relevant despite sharing a name with the guy who headed the Funky Bunch. He tells the girls it’s time to choose overnight dates. Those not picked leave the island immediately. Ashley H chooses Ben Knobloch in a non-shocker and they immediately suck face, to Mark’s delight.

Esonica chooses Kareem Thomas after playing with him for a minute. Kate Griffith looks like a deer in headlights but chokes out Dom Price’s name instead of dashing for the door. Dom has a shrine in his bedroom and a room in his basement for Kate. Now, she’s fallen into the trap thanks to evil mind control of host Marky Mark. Then, Ashley Goldson picks Jose Rodriguez. Two named Chris so a random tourist crashing at the girl’s villa must go from Temptation Island.

It’s the Boys Turn To Choose On Temptation Island

Next up the guys pick their dates. David Benavidez goes first and manages to say all three syllables of Toneata’s name. Casey Starchak chooses Rachel Hamel. Gavin tells Mia he’s sorry he didn’t pursue her sooner but was waiting to see if Esonica cheated first with a random dude in every clip before he took a hall pass. (Not really but that’s what he meant). In a rare show of class and grace on Temptation Island, Mia politely declines. As she’s not cool with being the rebound chick.

Lucky for Gavin, there is someone lurking around who is okay with it. Payton is like the girl on the fringe of the popular group in high school. Not your first choice for the dance but the safe choice because you know she’ll say yes. She accepts Gavin’s offer for the overnight date. Rick Fleur, who’s endured the most torture from the host and his girlfriend still manages to smile. He dutifully picks stage 5 clinger Medinah Ali to save his own ass from further trauma on Temptation Island.

TI Recap: It’s Final Date Night

This Temptation Island recap shows the couples travel to private villas via boats and planes. Rick immediately friend zones Medinah as they hit cruising altitude in the prop plane. Casey bores Rachel with self-help talk and says he’d like to propose to Ashley Howland. Who’s making out under a waterfall with Ben and forgot he existed. Gavin and Payton see dolphins and he predicts they’ll go out with a bang. But not a literal one on Temptation Island.

Kate and Dom chat over drinks. Her lip trembles as she sends “help me” glances to the crew. Dom again refers to himself as a female expert. He knows what they really want. Chocolate. (His words). And reminds her she can’t kick him out. They head to bed and in the morning we see undies on the floor as they wake together. Dom tells her this isn’t their last goodbye. After all – he’s already put a tracker on her phone.

David’s giving off cousin Eddy vibes in white pants and a Hawaiian shirt out with Toneata on Temptation Island. He says they make a good-looking couple. Toneata giggles and tells producers they got jiggy. But a lady never “overnights and tells”. They just do it on grainy reality show camera for the world to see. They admit they’re girlfriend and boyfriend. And need a nap because that’s too much thinking for a day.

Casey Goes Ring Shopping With Rachel on Temptation Island

While the others more or less got busy or at least had fun on their dates, Casey Starchak bored saintly Rachel to tears. Meanwhile Ashley’s been floating since Ben laid that big sloppy kiss on her in broad daylight weeks ago. Rachel just wants to drink Prosecco in her Daisy Dukes. But Casey’s just stunned Ashley Howland wouldn’t leave Temptation Island with him. He’s got a plan and tells Rachel it’s simple.

See, if he just changes the way he says “I love you” that’s 90% of it. Like instead of making “I” the loudest part he will make “love” the loudest part. Like “I LOVE you.” Rachel nods in agreement. And the next part involves him proposing on Temptation Island. So they head to a shop – Ring Island.  There, in the middle of some puka shell necklaces, cans of macadamia nuts and to-go sushi is a case of engagement rings.

On Temptation Island, Casey Starchak has Rachel model the rings before picking one out. He’s certain she won’t be able to resist the trinket and his proposal. Rachel’s still tagging along but her face says it all. This is not how this works. This is not how any of this works. But at least she snagged a can of nuts to wash down with her bubbly later. Don’t miss finale part 1 next Thursday at 10 on USA.

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