‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Verbally Swinging Defending David Eason Once Again

Teen Mom 2 co-star Jenelle Evans is at it again, she’s donned the verbal boxing gloves and stepped up to defend her husband David Eason. She makes no bones about it as she goes another round. This time she tells the world that once again she is standing by her hubby’s opinion.

This Teen Mom 2 Mother Needs a Talking To!

It might be time for someone to tell this Teen Mom 2 co-star a little bit about healthy marriages. Just because you are married it doesn’t mean both husband and wife have to share one opinion. The wording on her recent tweet sounds a bit odd.

Janelle teets, “And again, I will ALWAYS stand by my husband’s opinion.” Maybe she might want to stand by her husband’s right to have his own opinion. But she doesn’t have to share that opinion as well.

David Eason Has Jenelle Evans Fighting His Battles?

Jenelle’s tweet above was in reference to the backlash Eason was getting from social media. His recent jab at MTV for hiring Bristol Palin while firing him wasn’t received very well by some folks online. He sounded very entitled when calling the folks at Teen Mom and MTV “hypocritical.”

Eason was fired after making homophobic rants online. He believes that MTV hired Palin despite her history with inappropriate comments, suggests Us Magazine. While he didn’t elaborate just what he believed Palin had said in the past, a few media sites found incidents for him.

Teen Mom 2 Dad Gets Some Outside Support

In Touch goes on to report a few of those incidents. coming from Palin. “From calling a hater a “f—-t” on Facebook in 2010 to criticizing Obama’s support of gay marriage in 2012,” Palin has a few rather controversial comments under her belt as well, suggests the magazine. They continue with how Palin also defended “Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson’s anti-gay comments in 2013.” So, “it is kind of surprising MTV would hire her.”

With that said, the media site suggests David might have a leg to stand on with his gripe. After all Palin’s slate isn’t without some comments that dropped jaws in their time.

Jenelle came out in full force on Twitter to say her husband was right. She has been a wife that has stood by her man. Just like the Tammy Wynette song suggests.

Shared Opinions?

There is nothing wrong with backing up the man you love but at the same time, it’s good to form your own opinions. It sounds as if Jenelle just takes on David’s point of view instead of just respecting his right to have one.