Is Tamara Braun Leaving ‘General Hospital’ – What’s Kim Nero’s Fate On GH?

Fans are asking is Tamara Braun leaving General Hospital. Spoilers know Kim Nero‘s lost her marbles apparently. Will the actress exit the sudser now that her character alienated everyone in Port Charles? No doubt, since losing her son, she’s losing her sanity as well.

Of course, it’s understandable that she’s grieving. However, that excuse only goes so far. Now, Kim’s pushing it by trying to run away with Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth). With “Charlie” dumping her soon and Dranco in Shadybrook, what’s ahead for Kim Nero? Is Tamara Braun on her way out of ABC’S GH?

Will Tamara Braun Leave General Hospital? Spoilers Say Kim Nero Off Deep End…

GH spoilers tell us Kim Nero’s not thinking rationally these days. Certainly, she is lost without Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt). But, how many free passes can she get? Remember, she already tried to get Julian Jerome (William deVry) and Drew Cain (Billy Miller) to make a baby with her. Then, when both said no, she drugged and tried to molest Drew.

Clearly, that was the first sign Kim’s desperate and delusional. Now, she’s tiptoeing even further into crazy-land thinking she can just run off with “Dranco” pretending he’s Drew. No doubt, she’s convinced herself he’s the same guy she loved back in San Diego.  Of course, he’s Elizabeth Webber’s (Rebecca Herbst) hubby and stepfather to her kids, remind General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: No One Likes Kim Nero Now

General Hospital spoilers promise Kim racks up enemies in coming days. No doubt, her delusions about Franco Baldwin break a family apart. Apparently, Kim truly believes (or wants to believe) that Dranco is Drew. So much so that she tells Liz that Franco chose her and to give it up. Then, she told Elizabeth she’s the one losing touch with reality on GH.

Of course, Liz responded with a slap across her face and put Franco on a psych hold at the local loony bin. However, Kim’s not giving up and will fight to get him out of Shadybrook. Soon, Julian’s livid and dumps her when he finds out she slept with Franco. So, she loses her friend Liz, her lover Julian – and alienates a lot more people in town.

Besides that, the rest of the people who want Franco back like Cameron Webber (William Lipton) and Scotty Baldwin (Kin Shriner) are probably livid with her as well, say GH spoilers. But Kim keeps fighting. So, with the tide in town turning against Kim Nero – and fans hating her too – is Tamara Braun exiting General Hospital?

How Will Tamara Braun Exit General Hospital?

GH spoilers suspect the end may be near for Tamara Braun as Kim Nero and wonder how she will go. No doubt, with each passing day, she becomes more certifiable. Clearly, she needs some serious help to deal with her grief in a healthier way. So, she may find her in the loony bin sometime soon. At least she’d be near Franco if that happened…

Instead, she hires Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) to get Dranco out of the psych ward. The bottom line is until Franco gets his memories back, it’s likely Kim Nero is not out at General Hospital. At least not yet. Soap contracts run in one-year increments, in most cases. And, Tamara Braun showed up in November 2017.

So, it could be that Dranco turns back to Franco for November sweeps. That could be when Tamara Braun exits GH. Wait to see what’s next for Kim – because there’s a lot more drama ahead before she’s off the scene in Port Chuck. Tune in to ABC weekdays to see what the future holds for Kim Nero and if Tamara Braun’s time’s up at GH.

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