‘General Hospital’: Tamara Braun Blindsided By ‘GH’ Firing As Kim Nero

On General Hospital, Kim Nero can’t bear to stay in Port Charles. But, her portrayer Tamara Braun was stunned to be written off the sudser. In a recent interview, Tamara shared her thoughts on Kim’s (hint – she wasn’t happy). Because, she had personal concerns with the disturbing turn Kim took and thought it strange and out of character. Still, Tamara Braun says her firing blindsided her as it came out of the blue and it wasn’t something she was expecting from the ABC soap.

General Hospital Spoilers: Kim Nero Leaves Town – Tamara Braun Released From Contract

On GH, there are too many memories of Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) for Kim Nero. So, she’s leaving town. Originally, the plan was to leave when she was still with Julian Jerome (William deVry). Remember, she was going with or without him. Because, she felt she couldn’t heal as long as she was still in Port Chuck. So, they were going to leave together and start fresh in Manhattan. Then, Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) got Drew Cain’s (Billy Miller) memories. Certainly, that was a game-changer and the beginning of the end for Kim and “Charlie”.

At first, Kim fought her feelings and was even more desperate to get out of town and away from “Dranco” on General Hospital. However, she eventually gave in to her feelings for the Drew she knew all those years ago. Since then, all she wants is to leave town with him. She wants to start new with their second chance.  But now, Dranco sees he needs to try to give Franco his life back. No doubt, Kim is heartbroken and is now setting out to start her new life on her own on General Hospital.

GH Spoilers: Tamara Braun Shocked at Firing

General Hospital’s Tamara Braun had an inkling that her time on the soap was coming to an end when Kim Nero’s behavior took a drastic turn. Remember, she shockingly drugged Drew Cain and attempted to rape him. So, that is when she thought there was a good chance she would be written off of General Hospital. However, it still caught her off guard when she got the news.

Especially, because just weeks earlier, showrunner Frank Valentini told her that he had a new story in the works for her, reports Tamara Braun. So, that news meant the abrupt axing was a stunner for Tamara Braun. Then, Tamara chose to keep her departure quiet because she didn’t want to make too much of it. But, the few people on the cast who did find out were curious as well and didn’t understand it.

Of course, everyone was kind and wished her well. But, they’re still scratching their heads as to why Tamara Braun’s time is up on General Hospital. The actress called it “shocking” that she was let go right after a storyline talk. It turns out ABC daytime called her reps who in turn, let her know she was out. However, she also said she saw a “warning signal” with the strange character turns.

Tamara Braun Unhappy With Storyline On General Hospital

GH’s Tamara Braun had a very hard time with the storyline of Kim Nero trying to take advantage of Drew Cain. Mostly, because they didn’t discuss the story in any way and she felt they should explore it. They were taking a character that wasn’t evil or a villain and drastically changing her direction. Also, Tamara Braun thought if they went about it a different way it might have been a teachable experience.

Instead, Kim Nero became a General Hospital character that most people now hate which she feels is a shame and was hard to take. Also, Tamara shared she let down about the way Kim and Julian Jerome ended things. They left things on a terrible note and neither of them wanted it to end like that. In the end, Tamara says she’s proud of the Oscar Nero storyline and how the story was told.

Who knows, maybe we’ll see Tamara Braun back on our screens in the future. Until then, keep watching GH to see how the rest of the story unfolds on the ABC soap.

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