‘Survivor’ Spoilers: TWO Advantages Are Hidden On The Marooning Boat

Survivor spoilers reveal two advantages hidden on marooning boat Ra Marama carrying the castaways. Usually, there is only one. But Survivor: Edge of Extinction is switching things up. This season there are two advantages. One individual and one for the entire tribe are hidden somewhere on board. Rumor has it the advantages will have something to do with boxes.

Survivor Spoilers: Two Advantages Hidden Somewhere On The Boat

The first two advantages of Edge of Extinction are located somewhere on the marooning boat called Ra Marama. The boat is not that big, but there are plenty of hiding spots when looking at pictures of the boat. Kelley Wentworth’s is known as the Survivor idol queen. Maybe that will carry over to advantages for her.

Survivor spoilers show that one reward is for an entire tribe, giving the whole group something to put them ahead. While the other one is only for the individual castaway that finds it. It will give them an advantage over the rest of their tribe.

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Tribe Reward Message Hidden Behind A Bag Of Fruit

An innocent looking bag of fruit hides the tribe reward secret message. It reads, “Secret Tribe Reward! Dive under buoy, find the handle and pull!”

Just in case the finder wishes to hide the reward message. There are plenty of other things around to hide it. This way the other tribe will not know about it and they will not have to race them to the buoy. The reward cannot be moved from the boat according to Survivor spoilers.

Individual Advantage Hidden At The Front

The individual advantage is hidden in front of Ra Marama. It is stuck to one of the crates with black tar to keep it from blowing away in the wind. The fruit filled bag keeps it hidden from the castaways in a similar fashion to the tribe reward.

But not just any fruit! The advantage is behind a bag of delicious and enticing pineapples. But someone is going to find it on Survivor: Edge of Extinction. The clue leads to an advantage that is back at the tribe beach. Production will bury the item at the individual’s tribes beach when a castaway finds it.

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