‘Survivor’: Carolyn Rivera’s Husband Dies – Sad Loss for ‘Worlds Apart’ Runner-Up

Survivor: Worlds Apart contestant Carolyn Rivera’s husband passed away earlier this week. She was co runner-up on season 30 and also the oldest castaway. The 58-year-old shared the news on social media that she had lost her husband of 33 years on Monday.

Survivor 30: Carolyn Rivera Dominates ‘Worlds Apart’

Carolyn Rivera was the oldest out of the 18 castaways. That is usually a reason to get booted early, but Carolyn beat the odds. She found a hidden immunity idol on Day 2 when she was in danger of getting voted out. Then Carolyn flipped the script and turned the tribe against another castaway. Along with Will Sims II and Mike Holloway, she reached the Survivor Final Tribal Council, but couldn’t get the votes to become the Sole Survivor.

Both Carolyn and Will were awarded 2nd place and Mike went home with the million-dollar grand prize. Yet, Carolyn went on to write a book Plant Your Flag, The Seven Secrets to Winning. Now, the Tampa, FL native is a motivational speaker, leadership expert, and executive coach.

Husband Suffers Heart Attack

Carolyn Rivera and her husband Joey Rivera were together for 43 years, dating for the first 10 and married for the remaining 33. They have 3 children together and reside in Tampa. But a little less than two weeks ago, Joey suffered a massive heart attack, leaving him in very critical condition. “I need all of your prayers as we wait to see his condition improve,” Carolyn shared on Instagram.

According to the former Survivor star, her husband’s organs were, “very weak” and “he took 2 steps back”. Joey needed open-heart surgery, which is very risky, in order to get better. But their family had been waiting since Monday, October 14 for him to regain consciousness. She said Joey had to, “wake up, follow a few commands to show brain activity and then he can be cleared for open-heart surgery”.

Survivor: Carolyn Rivera Shares Devastating News

It seems that Joey either never woke up, or suffered complications during surgery because Carolyn Rivera’s next post was truly heartbreaking. On October 21 she announced, “Yesterday he [Joey] joined his parents and brother in heaven. There are no words that can describe this loss”. While the news is devastating, Carolyn was grateful for the years she did get to spend with her husband, hoping that he was in heaven, “watching over me and the kids every day”. Our thoughts are with the Rivera family during this hard time.

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