Supernatural: ‘Gods and Monsters’ Recap – Sam Winchester is Unstoppable – S14 E1

Supernatural with Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) is back. The season 14 premiere didn’t disappoint — with plenty of action-packed fight scenes and demon-killing to keep us hooked for the whole season.

Supernatural – Sam Winchester is a born leader and his beard is our Beyoncé

Last week’s episode of Supernatural proved Sam Winchester is born to lead. Not sure if his grief beard gives him superpowers, but the way Sam takes charge of a hostage situation is a sight to behold. Losing Dean has forced Sam to level-up his superhero status. When an ambitious demon, Kip (Dean Armstrong) tries to use Castiel (Mischa Collins) to bait Sam into helping him, Sam wastes no time jumping into rescue mode. Kip attempts to negotiate Sam– even buttering up Sam by calling him “my Beyoncé” — but things go awry when Sam reminds Kip he’ll never be like Crowley. Then Sam’s backup — his mom, Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith) and Apocalypse World’s  version Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) spring into action — kicking much ass and unleashing fury.

Jack (Alexander Calvert) and Maggie (Katherine Evans) help here and there, but do best just trying not to get killed. Every one receives multiple beatdowns, and after Sam kills Kip, he taunts the other demons. He tells them to go thru him if they want a chance to become the new king of Hell. The other demons realize they’re outmatched and bail, and Sam’s team leave semi-intact. If these fight scenes are any indication of how Sam Winchester reacts on exhaustion and desperation, we’re impressed. Sam said he’d do anything for his brother, and he meant it. He’s all in.

Michael recruits pure monsters in Dean Winchester meat suit

While possessing Dean Winchester, Michael whips across the globe searching for desperate souls and disgruntled angels for his army. He tracks down the angel Anael/Sister Jo (Danneel Ackles), and tries to appeal to her rebellious nature. Then he flirts with her, but she rejects him. Ackles’ fans got to see the real-life husband and wife connect once again onscreen — even if only for five minutes (which made us smile).

Michael also finds out Anael’s more concerned with her human life than helping him win his war. Just when it seems he’s about to kill her, we later learn that he lets her go. This is completely out of character for Michael since he’s ruthless and kills anyone who gets in his way. Maybe Dean Winchester is having more of an effect on him than we know.


The promos show Michael punching a mirror. Knowing Dean Winchester, he’s fighting his way back, and Michael’s lashing out. This must mean Dean won’t be away too long — which is GREAT news because we could use a good laugh right about now… With Michael enlisting vampires and other hellish monsters, things are looking grimmer every episode. Defeating Michael may be impossible especially without divine/satanic intervention.

Supernatural: Anael teams back up with the Winchester brothers

Anael’s helped Dean and Sam Winchester in the past, and since Michael’s in control of Dean’s body, he can access Dean’s memories. Michael knows Anael is important to Dean, so maybe that’s why he doesn’t kill her. He did say he knows Anael, because Dean Winchester knows Anael. Did Michael entice by using the knowledge he has from Dean’s memories? Did he threaten Anael and give her an ultimatum she couldn’t refuse?

Either way, Anael contacts Sam Winchester and lets him know that Michael/Dean confronted her. It seems as though Anael is siding with the Winchester boys again, but logistically, it doesn’t add up. Supernatural may have Michael and Anael setting a trap for Sam… but we shall see.

Jack gets more support on CW’s Supernatural

This Supernatural episode, Jack takes a beating (well, actually a couple of beatings) and quickly realizes he’s not the monster he used to be. Without his grace, he’s vulnerable to… everything. Sam tries to be there for him, but he’s so preoccupied with finding Dean Winchester that he really has no time to help Jack or himself. He hasn’t slept in days! Thankfully, Apocalypse World’s Bobby offers to train Jack to boost his self-defense skills, and Castiel gives Jack the pep talk he desperately needs. Both men promise to have Jack’s back and cover him until his powers come back (which Castiel predicts could happen at anytime).

Unfortunately, Jack is unmoved by their support and his self-pity overwhelms him. Losing his powers may push him towards the darkness he tried so hard to resist. Also, now that Nick (Mark Pellegrino) — Lucifer’s former vessel — is still alive and well, it’s entirely possible Lucifer could resurface. Lucifer never dies! So it’s hard to imagine he’s really dead this time. More importantly, if you were Nick, would you be forthcoming about whether you knew Lucifer was still possessing your body? Of course not!

With Jack longing for a familial connection, he won’t be able to resist getting to know Nick. His need to bond with his father may lead him down a path he was trying to avoid. He could actually end up becoming Hell’s new King.

Season 14 of Supernatural returns on Thursday, October 18, on The CW. Check back with Soap Dirt often for the latest Supernatural recaps, spoilers and news.