Supernatural Spoilers: Dean Winchester Is Season 14’s Big Bad Villain

Supernatural spoilers confirm this week’s Season 14 premiere is all about Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) as the big bad villain for S14. We’ll see a side of the Winchester brothers we’ve never seen before. With Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) and Castiel (Misha Collins) trying to save Dean, and Dean fighting Michael’s possession, viewers witness the brothers’ individual struggles to survive while trying to find their way back to each other.

Supernatural Spoilers: The Deal that Changed Everything

Last season, Supernatural spoilers shook us with its epic showdown and unsettling turn of events.  When Dean, Sam, Cas, and Jack (Alexander Calvert) battled Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino), he takes Jack’s powers and decides to kill everyone.

Sam Winchester, Jack’s new father-figure, jumped in, and the three of them teleported to another dimension. Lucifer was about to kill Sam and Jack. But Dean Winchester made a desperate deal and teamed up with Archangel Michael.

Michael was always hell-bent on defeating his brother, Lucifer, so he relished the idea of getting rid of him once and for all. Supernatural Season 13 showed Michael promised Dean and Castiel that if Dean  lets him use his body, he would have enough power to destroy Lucifer, and would return Dean’s body to him. Of course, that was a lie. The archangel Michael took full control of Dean’s body and disappeared.

With Dean Winchester out of commission and Michael the most powerful he’s ever been, there were no limits to Michael’s mayhem. Michael’s end-game was always world domination. Will Dean be able to defeat him and get control of his body or will Sam, Jack and Castiel have to save him? Even worse…Will they have to kill Dean in order to stop Michael?

Sam Winchester Struggles But Bravely Steps Up

Here’s what could happen this week as the new season of Supernatural launches… While speaking at San Diego ComicCon, producer Andrew Dapp and actor Jared Padalecki confirmed that Dean spends the first episodes of Season 14 controlled by Michael. So, Sam must take over as leader of their group. Jared also revealed that Sam has organized an Apocalypse team of hunters to help find Dean Winchester and win the battle against Michael.

He described this season’s Sam as “distracted” and said his character “hasn’t shaved in a little while”.

He also said, “All of these [hunters from the other world] are under his watchful eye in the bunker”.

Padalecki added, “Sam without Dean, for however long that lasts, needs to take the cues and lessons he’s learned from Dean and pass them on to the apocalypse hunters. It’s a fun new part of Sam”,

The “new” Sam Winchester that Padalecki described will be a welcome switch from the Sam who usually relies on his brother to make the first move. Viewers will see Sam mature emotionally. Sam will be more confident in his resilience and survival skills. This will have a ripple effect on the dynamic between the brothers.

They are both changing in one form or another. What will Dean think of Sam’s newfound independence? What will he think of his brother’s new look? We’re not sure, but we certainly approve of his sexy beard!

Irrevocable Effects of Michael’s Possession of Dean Winchester

Dean is now a helpless bystander in his own body, while Michael is running the show. The archangel is busy committing satanic acts in the name of his greater good. Supernatural spoilers say Michael will be recruiting a team of his own to help purify the human race. From the trailers, it appears that his purification process involves a lot of torture. When Michael uses Dean’s body, it traumatizes Dean Winchester.

Even if Sam Winchester finds a way to defeat Michael and Dean gets his body back, his mind will never be the same. When asked about his character’s struggles in Season 14, Jensen Ackles explained: “The question is when and how does Dean come back? And when he does, how does that experience with Michael, affect him? I think that’s something we’re going to be dealing with for the remainder of the season.”

Jack and Cas Bond Over Survival Skills

Jack lost his grace and was Sam’s only real hope for defeating Michael. Now Jack must learn to defend himself as a human. Thankfully, Cas will be a big part of helping him with that transition on the upcoming season of CW’s Supernatural. The young Nephilim will struggle to prove himself. And Cas (who has experienced this conflict first-hand in the past) is Jack’s support through his frustration and uncertainty. Cas’s mentorship solidifies Jack as a part of the team and more importantly, as a member of the Winchester family.

Some Favorite Characters WILL Return

Fan favorites, Apocalypse World Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver), Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith) and Charlie Bradbury (Felicia Day) will definitely return to Supernatural. And we may get the chance to see Bobby and Mary finally develop their romance. They are both missing Dean Winchester and worried about his return. Their concern will draw them closer.

The Wayward sisters will also be returning for the new season of Supernatural on CW. Andrew Dapp confirmed the sisters will join Sam Winchester’s Apocalypse team. Jodi Mills (Kim Rhodes) will be the first to appear, and the other sisters will follow as the season progresses.

Another fan favorite set to return to Supernatural is Danneel Harris-Ackles (who plays Sister Jo/angel Anael in Season 13). Danneel returns to work alongside real-life hubby, Jensen. The trailer shows Anael and Michael/Dean facing off about his future intentions for humanity. Will Anael end up working with Michael or will she decide to help Sam save his brother and mankind? We’ll see which side she chooses this time…

Supernatural Season 14 Is Shorter

Supernatural spoilers sources say Season 14 may be shy a few episodes – with 20 instead of the usual 23. It’s been confirmed that Ackles and Padalecki would like to spend more time with their families, so they’re doing fewer episodes. We’re fine with less (well… not really) – as long as Supernatural keeps giving us the drama and gore that we love!

Supernatural Season 14 returns on Thursday, October 11, on The CW. You can see Dean Winchester in the role of big bad villain and Sam Winchester trying desperately to save his big brother. Watch then and check back with Soap Dirt often for the latest Supernatural spoilers and news.