‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown’s Déjà vu Moment – No Soul House

Sister Wives fans can recall Meri Brown, Kody, and Mariah revisiting their old Utah home. Back then, Kody said the empty house had “no soul.” In fact, it was a bit of a creepy experience. Now, it seems Meri went through that same “no soul house” déjà vu moment, but this time, in Vegas.

‘Sister Wives’ moved from Utah to Las Vegas, to Flagstaff

About five years ago, Meri, Kody, and Mariah went for a college visit. Thinking Mariah may want to use the old house while at college, they stopped off to look at their old house in Lehi. While there were obviously memories there, it really seemed to creep out Kody. Even Meri agreed the soul had disappeared from the home. Maybe Mariah felt creeped out too as she opted for a different type of college experience.

This week, Meri experienced a similar feeling. On her Instagram, she posted up a photo of her in her old Vegas house. It seems the Sister Wives fans questions about the home are answered. So many people previously asked if they would sell the Vegas house. Meri explained in her caption, that she’s there to get the place cleaned up. That’s because it’s going on the market. But, she noted that the experience of being in the empty home is “surreal.”

Meri Brown’s déjà vu moment

In her caption, Meri noted, “Honestly kind of a surreal day standing here in my empty Las Vegas bedroom.” As she already went through a similar experience with the old Utah home, it must really hit home. But, Meri also noted that Flagstaff’s a whole new adventure to look forward to.  For the sake of Meri and all the Brown family, Flagstaff hopefully, will be the last stop for them. Leaving memories of life behind once in a while opens new doors, but two times already must be enough for the Brown family.

While most Sister Wives fans know the whole story about the move from Vegas by now, many UK fans got a bit confused. Apparently, over there, the seasons tag along behind the US. Some UK followers even asked if Meri divorced Kody yet. However, it seems most of them now understand the Flagstaff move as followers explained it to them, patiently. Fans asked Meri some things and she replied, which is why fans love Meri Brown.


Meri confirms no new season date yet announced

@thisgirl_amie posted, “After watching all you guys…get set up together there in Vegas I’m surprised you’re moving! I really thought that was your guy’s forever home. I’m so curious to know why the move? I’m happy for you guys in anything that makes you happy! Meri replied, saying, “We did go through a lot, but we never said it was our forever home.”

Additionally, in answer to questions about when the next season is coming along, Meri said: “It hasn’t been announced yet.” Stay in touch with news about Meri brown and Sister Wives by checking in with Soap Dirt often.