‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Taunts Fans with ‘Can’t Wait’ Ploy

Sister Wives star Meri Brown claims she can’t wait for something or someone today as she seems to tease her fans about how far she’s come in life.

Well, if there was ever an open-ended message, this would be it.

Fans of the TLC show were privy to Meri’s plight over the last few seasons. With the new season’s Sister Wives trailer released, her followers got a feel for what to expect when the first episode airs in just over a week.

Sister Wives Where Is Meri Brown Or TLC Going With This?

So far it looks like Meri Brown goes through more of the same during Sister Wives Season 15. But it also looks as if she explains it better than she ever has before.

The Sister Wives trailer has Meri in a sad place. In fact, one of her co-wives narrates a scene. It sounds as if it could be Robyn Brown talking. But what she said seems more important than who said it. They claim Meri and Kody Brown’s relationship is “sad.”

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Clipped Together Looks Different Than Apart

These fleeting scenes from the trailer were clipped together in the TLC editing room. So what you see on the trailer might have something left out. You also don’t know if they put the scenes together for the Sister Wives preview in order or not.

So, Kody saying sex and romance are saved for those in love might be a diss at Meri or it might not. Maybe that’s part of a speech he’s giving to his teenagers. He also says if he and Meri wanted to be together they would be together.

Kody could have been talking about riding in the same car together and not together in bed. But to many Sister Wives fans, it sounds as if Kody is discussing his abstinence with her.

Sister Wives season trailers in the past were notorious for showing some horrific scenes. But when the season rolled out it became clear. What you thought you saw in the trailer wasn’t what you saw in the show’s episodes. It’s all about spinning the drama to entice the fans to come back to the new season. Many of the things you watched on the trailers came out of context.

Sister Wives - Kody Brown - Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Came a Long Way

In a cryptic message to her Sister Wives fans today the first lady of the Brown family indicated how far she has come. Next, she expressed how she “can’t wait”. So, maybe this tv mom patched things up with her hubby? Or possibly she conveys that she made big changes from things in the past?

Meri Brown looked as if her relationship with Kody was in turmoil in the trailer for the new season. Since they filmed the trailer months and months ago, maybe the original Sister Wives matriarch offers an up-to-date update with her message?

It sounds as if Meri suggests that things have changed since that time. Oh well, only the mom of one knows for sure what she’s attempting to pass along to her followers today. Maybe it’s her way of getting you to tune in to see what she “can’t wait” for.

Don’t forget to watch the new Sister Wives season premiere on Sunday night, February 14 at 10 pm EST on TLC.

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