‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown ‘Save Us’ Post – Out of Norm for First Wife?

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown once filled her social media pages with what fans dubbed her cryptic messages, but she suddenly stopped. About a month went by without so much as one cryptic post.

Meri had it down to a science with those messages. She tends to give just enough information so that TLC reality fans could make their own assumptions.

The Sister Wives’ original matriarch posted her cryptic messages almost daily. The messages provided fuel for thought. They acted almost like radar. Those messages seemed to gauge if she was enjoying life or battling someone within the family.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Hints and Fans Run With It.

Some fans thought her past posts sounded as she was about to say her farewell to her Sister Wives husband. Other posts had fans believing she dissed her co-wives for different things over the last year or so.

Meri Brown never said she planned to leave Kody Brown or who caused her angst within the family. But she supplied just enough hints for her Sister Wives followers to make an assumption and run with it.

For the past month, it looked as if Meri gave that up, and maybe she has. But today, she posted something completely out of the norm for her. Meri Brown asks her higher power to “save us” in a post that resembles a prayer.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Who is the “Us” That Needs Saving?

While this doesn’t seem like Meri’s usual cryptic message, it’s bound to spark Sister Wives’ enthusiasts to ask questions. Who is “us” that she asks to save?

In today’s world, it’s easy to assume that post is about everyone. With the pandemic still taking victims, this post would fit as a cry for help for all humanity. The violence, which is part of today’s daily headlines, is also something this message might speak to.

But is that what the first wife of the Sister Wives clan means with this post? No one knows. But Meri left what some may see as a hint with this latest post. It sounds like she sees many things that need fixing, whether worldwide, nationwide, or at home.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: So Proud of Her Daughter

Before this latest post, Meri previously shared some thoughts online about her daughter, Mariah Brown. “This kid of mine” is how Meri Brown refers to Mariah. She is so proud of this young woman and all her accomplishments, as Mariah continues with her education.

Interest over Mariah and her fiance Audrey Kriss recently surfaced on social media. Fans of the show hope for another Sister Wives wedding showing up on the screen.

The fans debate whether or not Mariah will allow her special day shared on nation-wide TV. So far, it seems the wedding plans stay under wraps for this couple who live in Chicago.

But after the elaborate weddings for three of the Sister Wives daughters in the last few years, fans hope Mariah will say her vows with the cameras rolling. Maybe Mariah’s wedding will be one of the big surprises when the next season rolls out. Fans can only hope it’s one of the new season storylines.

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