‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Goes Too Far – Fans Seethe along with Co-Wives

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown left fans of the show stunned over her behavior toward her co-spouses on the last episode to roll out. While Meri got Kody Brown riled up, she also seemed to do the same to her co-wives. Now some of the Sister Wives fans seem to see Meri Brown a bit differently today.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Pushes Everyone to the Edge

When it came time to assign building lots to the four wives, everyone seemed fine except for Meri. Kody Brown knew how much Meri liked living on tree-lined property.

Meri Brown expressed her wishes of a tree-lined property for her home when they looked at the Cottonwood land. So, the Sister Wives patriarch offered her the treed plot of land out of the four Sister Wives properties at Coyote Pass.

This started Meri off with a play on words that even seemed to make the Sister Wives viewers dizzy. All of a sudden Meri no longer likes trees around her home. In her last rental house, the trees didn’t let in the sunlight. So Kody then reassigns the land to Robyn Brown. He gives Meri the land without the trees.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Comments

Sunlight or Shade – Which is it, Meri Brown?

Now Meri isn’t sure if she’d like that piece of land her Sister Wives husband first offered. But she’s not sure if she wants to give it up either.

She then says maybe she won’t build the house so close to the trees. Instead, she can take that parcel and move her house forward to offer more sunlight inside her home. But… again maybe not.

Kody offered the treed parcel to Robyn after Meri said she wanted out of the trees for sunlight. Both Christine Brown and Janelle Brown recall hearing their co-wife say this.

So Kody, Christine, and Janelle were under the impression the first wife didn’t want that building lot in the trees. Now Meri claims she never said she didn’t want the Sister Wives tree-lined piece of land.

At this point, not only does the Sister Wives clan appear fed-up, but some fans also find this entire thing with Meri “ridiculous”. To some fans, it looks like she’s gone out of her way to offer friction to her co-spouses.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Kody Brown - Janelle Brown - Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown In Limbo

This “game” leaves Robyn in limbo when it comes to where her house will go. But most of all Kody Brown is seething over Meri and how she’s “playing games”. So Kody explodes in the middle of the road at Coyote Pass.

Meri’s behavior even has Robyn’s attempts at defending her not looking too valid. Robyn finally admits that she’s expected to take the building lot that Meri doesn’t want. This gives Kody some reassurance that he is not the only one seeing Meri Brown as difficult.

His claim that Robyn is getting everyone’s table scraps seems to ring true here. Robyn will the land no one else wants. Meri still hasn’t made a decision so the family sits and waits.

Still, Robyn is the last Sister Wives member in this family. So to be fair, they should go down the line from the first wife to the last wife when the choice is made, according to some fans.

But while they wait, clues emerge as to why Kody Brown claims they need to tiptoe around Meri Brown. Janelle explains what Meri was like to live with back in the early days. She seems to suggest Meri was somewhat territorial. For that reason, the plot of land in question might be better off in Robyn’s hands.

Meri Not as Welcoming as Fans Thought – Janelle Sheds Light On This?

When Meri, Janelle, and Christine were Kody’s only Sister Wives, they lived in one home together. That house in Lehi, Utah had three sections, one for each wife and her kids. The first wife of Kody Brown happened to live in the middle between Janelle and Christine. Her section connected the other two wives’ sections.

It seems Meri closed off her area so the kids couldn’t pass through it while going from Janelle’s to Christine’s house and visa versa. The family members had to exit the house and go outside if they wanted to go back and forth from the area that Christine and Janelle occupied. This caused a “real hardship” on the family, according to Janelle.

The Coyote Pass land that Kody assigned to Robyn because Meri didn’t want it has access to the pond. Now that Meri seems to want the property back, Janelle worries Meri might obstruct access to the pond.

The Sister Wives kids will gravitate to the pond and all that commotion might bother the original matriarch of the Sister Wives. So, as far as Janelle is concerned, she was happy when she thought Robyn would build on that land. This way everyone could access the pond without problems.

So it looks as if there’s more to this property dilemma than meets the eye. From what Janelle said, the entire family is invested in who gets that land because of their pond.

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