‘Sister Wives’: Is Meri Brown Flying the Coop Into Her Own Spin-off Series?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown might have a feathered nest on the other side of that long good-bye she’s been spinning with cryptic messages. There has to be a reason she’s been seemingly setting the stage to step off and away from her Sister Wives family.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown and the Long Good-Bye

It’s become such a big part of the Brown family’s online presence these days. It’s just another Meri saying good-bye to Kody post again, but of course, not a name is ever mentioned. The Sister Wives spouses tend to set up clues online for what to expect from the up and coming season.

If the Sister Wives matriarch’s behavior online is any indication, then she’s got one foot out the door. But where to? Some astute Sister Wives watchers believe they know the answer.

It seems some believe that Meri Brown just has to be getting her own spinoff show. Now that’s half speculation and half wishful thinking by Meri Brown’s followers. But, think about it, they could be right.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Moving Trucks

Flatten the Tires of the Moving Trucks

Before anything else happens, Sister Wives needs to change their worn-out plot big time. Fans scream for a change for this family. If you were a new fan of this TLC reality series you’d think it’s about a man with a compulsive need to constantly move his family. If they aren’t actually in moving trucks, the Sister Wives adults are talking about their next or previous move.

Meri Brown has talked about leaving without actually saying who, what, where, when, or why for a long time now. The family entrepreneur does this in riddles through her online messages.

Lately, she’s added in the element of fear. It sounds like she’s getting closer to this elusive move and she has some fear about leaving.

A show all her own could offer some entertainment value. It would be as easy as taking Sister Wives and cutting it down in size.  Something like, “Sister Wife No More”. While Meri said she has some close relationships within her big polygamous family, she could have those family members who are close to her over to visit.

Kody could even drop by as he did a few weeks ago while she was selling her clothing items to her group live online. He came into her house unannounced and seemed pretty comfortable doing so. Meri didn’t seem to act as if her Sister Wives hubby did anything out of the norm.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Don’t Hold Your Breath

Meri Brown is a woman with an empty nest and working two successful careers at the same time. She’s a top sales rep for the clothes company she works for. She’s also the sole owner – sometimes operator, of a bed and breakfast business, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

Could Meri’s life spark enough interest to keep a spinoff going? Before veteran fans start sending in possible scripts for the show, think about what Meri has said in the recent past. She never intends to leave this family. Leaving Kody would mean leaving everyone and she’s not willing to do that.

First of all, Sister Wives probably would buckle under if Meri Brown wasn’t on the show any longer. Could she do that to the family? Probably not. So, for today, although it sounds feasible that Meri could fly the coop and feather her own nest, it probably won’t happen.

After 14 seasons of this TLC reality series and a family in dire financial straights, it’s hard to see her leaving this mess behind. No one would blame her after the last counseling session she attended with Kody.

But it’s probably not in Meri Brown to turn he back on her Sister Wives tribe especially when it appears that she’s the main breadwinner today. Then again, she could surprise everyone and actually go on her merry way. (Yes pun intended). All the fans can do is watch Season 15, which is filming today, and connect the Kody Brown family dots.

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