‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Squeezes More Out of Fame as Family Falls by Wayside?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown recently made a request of her followers that may shed light on a comparison that hubby Kody Brown once made. It seems Kody Brown believes Meri is like two different people when it comes to getting along with those inside the family and those outside the family.

The Sister Wives patriarch told their therapist that Meri gets along just fine with the people she works with and her friends. But when it comes to relationships within the family that’s not so much the case.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Great With Outsiders

Anyone who follows Meri Brown online knows that she posts a lot of pictures of herself with co-workers. She also posts quite a few photos with friends as well. No matter who is in the photo with her they all look happy.

That’s not the same facial expression Meri puts on while with her family members. Sure, Meri might not have a lot to smile about after the way she’s been treated by her Sister Wives’ husband of 30 years.  Her co-wives seem to rattle her cage now and then as well.

But Kody alluded to how it takes two to tango. Besides, Meri continues to stay with the family and that’s of her own free will.

Meri’s online posts have a lot to do with the brand of clothes she sells. She’s used the fame that gained her hundreds of thousands of followers to sell articles of clothing. She’s done so well that she’s one of the top sales reps for the company.

Now Meri Brown has a new favor to ask of her many followers. It seems the Sister Wives celebrity’s personal trainer is in the running for the cover of Maxim. This woman’s name is Samatha Sufiyan, who Meri Brown calls her trainer and a friend.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Meri Brown Asks a Favor of Her Fans

Meri Brown asked her followers to vote for Samatha to get on that cover. Then she offered the link so they can do so.

While her dedicated followers probably will, that’s probably not the best way to sway a vote. Meri gets tons of sympathy from her followers for the treatment that she seems to endure from Kody Brown and his other three wives.

So they’re very apt to do something nice for Meri, which is to grant her this favor. Her audience probably knows nothing about this woman. But because Meri asked her fans, they’ll probably oblige.

Meri Brown is doing something nice for someone outside of the Sister Wives family. But someone from inside the family could probably use her help today.

At the same time Meri advocates for votes for this unknown person, Christine Brown made a plea to her customers. She sells the same designer line of clothes that Meri does.

Sister Wives - Meri Brown - Personal Trainer Vote

Sister Wives: Squeeze a Little Fame Toward the Family?

Christine asked for her followers from Sister Wives to help amp up her sales. That’s because she needs to raise $50,000 for a much-needed surgery for her daughter.

While she couldn’t say which daughter needed the surgery, she did say the fans could probably guess. The family spoke about the possibility of this surgery for this daughter on previous episodes of Sister Wives.

Christine said that the $50K is just a co-pay after the insurance kicks in their part. This was hard to watch for many fans. Whether you like Christine Brown or not, she’s a mom attempting to raise money for this serious event. But many of the Sister Wives viewers didn’t understand why the child’s four other parents weren’t helping as well.

It seems Meri doesn’t have any problem squeezing all she can out of her fame these days. She’s got her followers buying her clothing and now she’s tapped into them to do her a favor and vote for this personal trainer.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown


Kody Brown Suggested Meri Treats Outsiders Better

Kody mentioned that when it comes to outsiders Meri Brown seems to treat them better than family. Instead of helping this friend of hers, maybe helping Christine for her cause would be what most people would expect from a family member.

It seems as if Kody may see this type of disconnect from Meri more often than the fans realize. Either way, the only one Meri seems to help with her fame today is herself by selling clothes that make her a bundle.

Then her new project surfaces, attempting to wrangle votes for a personal training coach. Although, Meri did say if her friend won the money from the prize will be donated to a cause regarding mental health. Still, family members usually come first.

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