‘RHOBH’ Kyle Richards Rocks Eye-Popping Bunny Girl Outfit

RHOBH fans over on Instagram enjoyed an eye-popping outfit rocked by Kyle Richards. The reality TV star posted up several photos, a video, and a story about her @farrahween birthday party for her daughter. Other Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars were there, partying hard, like Lisa Rinna. However, it seems mom Kyle stole the show with her hot and sexy outfit. Her collection of photos and vids carried the caption, “Resting bunny face ? ? more fun from @farrahbritt ‘s birthday #farrahween #farrahween2018.”

‘RHOBH’ fans were blown away by the photos

Kyle’s first photo up wasn’t in sequence, as she spoke about resting.  Clicking through the photos, it became obvious why some fans suggested the last video needed a post all of its own. Ok, the Ferris Wheel looked awesome, but the eye-catchers showed her in her black fishnet stockings and not much else, held aloft looking like the queen of slinky – Kim Kardashian. In fact, one follower asked if she really was Kyle and not Kim Kardashian.

In the video, dancing down, of course, fans wanted to know if she did the splits. Kyle has been known to do the splits on RHOBH. For those guys drooling over the photos and video, they surely had a disappointing moment as it ended before split-point. Nobody really came across as a hater, because how can anyone really hate looking like Kyle at her age? But the amazement, shock and even admitted envy evidently gave loads of people something to talk about. Certainly, she stole the birthday bash congrats in the comments section.

Reactions to Kyle Richards hot and sexy outfit

Reactions by jaw-dropped RHOBH followers came thick and furious. Take a look at just a tiny handful of them below:

  • @jwomack5366: “Work it with your bad bunny self!”
  • @lolagoldberg: “You look soooo cute! And like you’re going to pee in that cup. ?”
  • @sixfootahh: “Holy flexible she looks amazing.”
  • @quynhlancattran: “Please tell me this is in the new season of RHOBH?” and
  • @the_blackreign: “Wait a minute Kyle! How old are u? Cause ya lookin like a WHOLE MEAL!????.”

Other comments really shouldn’t be duplicated as they were getting a little too far out for a family blog. However, if Kyle isn’t used to criticism by now, she never will be.  Mostly though, the comments flattered and pointed out she’s old but still got what it takes. However, Kyle probably felt offended more about the “old” comments. She replied saying that she’s not fifty yet! Meanwhile, a few haters felt she stole the night from her daughter.

Bunny Girl outfit for rocking and eye-popping

RHOBH’s Kyle fans love her no matter what she does. In fact, those with other first choices seemed less impressed with the Bunny Girl outfit she was rocking. The eye-popping aspect didn’t go down so well with them. One follower noted that if she had a birthday, it would be really cringe-worthy if mom pitched up as a bunny girl. Nevertheless, one cannot deny the party dished on the fun side.

What do you think of Kyle Richards rocking an eye-popping outfit? Would you put money on the fact she probably did end up doing the splits? Stay in touch with news about RHOBH by checking in with Soap Dirt often.