‘RHOBH’ Alum Brandi Glanville’s Halloween Party Nightmare

RHOBH alum Brandi Glanville went along to a Halloween party and it turned into a real nightmare for her. We’re guessing this is one Halloween she won’t forget. TMZ reported that Brandi allegedly became involved in a dispute between Actor Kobie “DJ K-LUV” Randolph and an old flame.

‘RHOBH’ alum denies hitting anyone at a party

Fox News noted that Brandi went to the Rande Gerber and George Clooney Casamigos Halloween party, Friday night. Notable celebs, all dressed up as famous rockers, included the likes of Supermodel Kaia Gerber and Cindy Crawford. The nightmare for the RHOBH alum extended to the police rocking up. If the event happened the way Randolph described it, Brandi maybe should be picking her friends more wisely.

According to Randolph, Brandi allegedly hit him. In fact, he displayed a bloody lip to the camera. Apparently, Brandi spent time hanging with an old flame of the actor who attacked him. According to his version reported by TMZ, the ex-flame punched him with “12 uppercuts like I’m in a boxing match.” While the news outlet says that the other woman attacked him, they also mention that “she [Brandi] was one of the perps.”

Brandi Glanville questioned by the cops

Brandi apparently told police she just broke up the fight between the two – according to TMZ. However, Brandi later took to her Twitter to deny assaulting Randolph. In fact, she says she never even saw the fight: “please leave me out of this!! @djkluv You walked up to me & your ex-girlfriend on the dance floor U2 started talking so I walked away 2 the bar with ur friend. I did not see u get punched & I did not punch u. I’m in no way responsible 4 what happened between U & Ur ex-gf!”

Brandi also added in a separate post that she doesn’t even know “DJ K-LUV” Randolph. People looked into the story and they reported that a battery report was made, according to the police. But they also noted that no one ended up arrested. Incidentally, they also reached out to Brandi’s rep but no comment came back as of Saturday. So, there’s two sides to the story, and nobody who attended the party seems to be talking about it to the press. RHOHB fans seemed particularly disinterested, suggesting that she protests too much!

Nightmare week for ‘RHOBH’ alum

Actually, Brandi didn’t have just a nightmare Halloween Party. This week, she posted up that her house was burglarized while she and her two boys were at home. She took to her Twitter to caution people to use their alarms, even if they’re at home.

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