‘OutDaughtered’: How The Busbys Spent Easter Weekend in Quarantine

OutDaughtered parents Danielle Busby and Adam Busby will have a different Easter celebration this year than in years past. Since everyone is in quarantine this holiday, the family of eight will have a low key Easter holiday. Eight people are far from a small gathering for most, but the Busbys usually have celebrations with nearly triple the amount of family in attendance.

However, the OutDaughtered clan will still have a fantastic holiday weekend. It is just a few days after all six of their children also celebrated their respective birthday in quarantine. But these sisters are all besties and are having a blast doing fun things together with each other and their parents. Here is how the Busbys spent their Easter weekend.

OutDaughtered: Busby Siblings Slumber Party

The OutDaughtered six-pack of sisters had a very special sleepover party is past Friday evening. All the sisters were super pumped up to watch the Trolls World Tour movie. The film went straight to streaming as all the movie theaters across the country are closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. No doubt the Busbys were excited to see the newest Disney film.

The OutDaughtered kids pulled their customized blankets and got cozy on the living room floor. With six girls in one space, the giggles and fun surely come easily. While the littlest Busbys watched the movie they munched on snacks provided by their doting mom. They enjoyed peanut M&M’s and popcorn. Danielle made sure to give her girls a fun Friday night. This certainly was a highlight to their birthday week in quarantine. Coincidentally, Friday was National Sibling Day. What a perfect way to celebrate sisterhood!

OutDaughtered: Blayke Busby - Ava - Parker - Olivia - Hazel - Riley

Blayke Busby Takes Charge

OutDaughtered sweetheart Blayke Busby takes her role as big sister very seriously. She comes across as more mature than most nine-year-olds. In many ways, she’s her mother’s mini-me. So while Danielle sneaks off to boil eggs for teh girls to dye for the holiday, Blayke steps up and reads her five younger sisters a story. Certainly, this moment Daniele captured warms her heart.

Blayke is a natural role model. All her sisters look up to her. So she’s aware that they look to her for their example. Many OutDaughtered fans think Riley and Blayke have a special bond since Riley is advanced a year ahead of her four other sisters in school. However, it’s pretty clear to see Blayke is adored by all five of her siblings. Perhaps Blayke’s future profession will be a teacher like her grandmother. She certainly seems to have a natural aptitude for it.

OutDaughtered: Blayke Busby - Ava - Parker - Olivia - Hazel - Riley

OutDaughtered: The Quints Start A Garden

The OutDaughtered siblings also enjoyed a multitude of other fun activities this weekend. Their dad Adam shared many of the things he and the kids did to keep busy.  One of their projects was to plant seedlings for a garden. The Busby kids are learning how to grow their food.

In addition to gardening, they also jumped on their trampoline ( supervised by Blayke) and rode their bikes around the neighborhood.  They kept their social distance from others as they cruised the streets near their house. It was a nice change from all the pool time they enjoyed. Certainly, the Busby family is making the most of this unexpected and extended family time. They are making memories they all will look back later and smile about.

The only tradition that’s missing this Easter is a visit from Uncle Dale as the Easter Bunny. But hopefully next year they can resume that time-honored family tradition.

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