‘OutDaughtered’: Adam Still Wants a Boy – Will He and Danielle Adopt?

OutDaughtered stars Danielle Busby and hubby Adam Busby recently touched on the subject of if they want more kids. Of course, it’s easy to see they have their hands full. But Adam still longs for a boy. So, will the Busby’s be daring enough to add another child to the mix?

TLC’s OutDaughtered: Adam Busby & Danielle Busby’s Pregnancy Scare

OutDaughtered fans may recall Danielle Busby and Adam Busby had a bit of a scare a while back. Remember, Adam had a vasectomy. However, he never went back for the follow-up appointment to make sure the procedure worked. So, when Danielle’s period was late Adam panicked and had to come clean.

Of course, she was ready to kill him. All that time she thought they didn’t need to worry about pregnancy. But, they still didn’t know for sure. Turns out, she was not pregnant and she was probably late due to stress. However, that only increased her stress more on OutDaughtered.

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby

Adam Busby Loves His Girls – But He Still Wants a Boy

‘Girl Dad’ Adam Busby of OutDaughtered absolutely adores his six little princesses. Of course, he wouldn’t change anything about who they are. However, a part of him would still love to have a little boy to share those special dad and son moments with. Remember, he is very close with his father and they share a special bond.

So, while Adam has an amazing connection with each of his girls, he’d love a son to bond with as well and maybe carry on some traditions he has with his father. Recently, Adam and wifey Danielle answered several questions fans had and it seems Adam may get his boy after all on OutDaughtered.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby

OutDaughtered: Will The Busby’s Adopt a Boy?

OutDaughtered parents Danielle Busby and hubs Adam Busby have made it pretty clear they don’t want any more children. Clearly, there is enough on their plate right now. However, they recently announced they are not opposed to adopting a boy – someday. At one point, before they had Blayke, they had considered adoption.

Remember, Danielle and Adam had a hard time getting pregnant which is why they sought help from a fertility specialist. Recently, Danielle had a hysterectomy. So, she won’t have any more children physically. However, they both seem to like the idea of adoption. Perhaps, when the girls are older they will give them a little brother. But, for now, they’re content with their gaggle of little girls.

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