‘OutDaughtered’: Adam and Danielle Busby Anniversary Vacation – Who’s Watching the Kids?

OutDaughtered stars Danielle and Adam Busby are celebrating their wedding anniversary this week. The couple is taking time away from their hectic family life to celebrate their 14th anniversary alone. The TLC stars certainly know the value of spending time with each other.

In fact, Adam and Danielle Busby have regular date nights. So it makes perfect sense they’re off for a couple only retreat to recharge, relax, and reflect on the life they’ve built together. So where are the OutDaughtered parents vacationing? And, who’s watching their six daughters?

TLC’s OutDaughtered Update: Adam & Danielle Busby Sneak Away For Alone Time

OutDaughtered celebs Adam Busby and his spouse Danielle are taking a little social distancing break from Texas this week. In just a few days the TLC reality stars will celebrate 14 years as husband and wife. The couple certainly has set the bar high as far as relationship goals go. Although they are the proud parents of nine-year-old Blayke Busby and five-year-old quintuplets Ava, Olivia, Riley, Parker, and Hazel Busby, they appreciate the time they can spend alone as a couple.

Thankfully the OutDaughtered couple has lots of extended family members nearby to help them with their six-pack of darling daughters. This allows for their regularly scheduled dates night as well as special getaways like the one they currently on now.

The OutDaughtered parents have been to the resort they’re visiting now a few times before. Adams says, it’s a great time to travel because the resort they are at is fully staffed.  He ads that the hotel is keeping the guest to a 30% capacity for extra safety. It must be nice to have so much attention from the staff. Since they have been here before, logic says they’re likely in Cancun although they love Hawaii. However, they were in Hawaii they’d have to quarantine 14 days before they’d be cleared to hit the sun and sand. The pair is closed-lipped for now on posting their exact destination on social media.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby - Danielle Busby

Danielle & Adam Busby’s Love Story

The OutDaughtered personalities met back in 2003 while they both worked at a Target in Lake Charles, Louisana. Adam was shy so it took him months to muster the courage to even talk to Danielle. Soon the two started taking lunch breaks together. Then Adam finally asked Danielle out on an official date. However, Adam canceled last minute. He had a case of cold feet. None the less, Danielle forgave him and the two planned a second “first” date. The rest is pretty much history.

OutDaughtered’s Adam Busby and his now-wife Danielle were engaged Christmas Eve 2005. Then they married a quick seven months later in a small intimate ceremony in their hometown of Lake Charles. Five years later in 2009, they welcomed their first daughter Blayke. Then in 2015, the family expanded with the arrival of the first all-girl set of quintuplets in America. Now the Busbys celebrate a strong union of 14 years blessed with six amazing daughters.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby - Danielle Busby

OutDaughtered: Who’s With Blayke and the Quints?

OutDaughtered fans cannot help but wonder who is taking care of  Blayke, Ava, Hazel, Olivia, Riley, and Parker. Adam Busby is not divulging where the kids are or who they are with. Adam only says in his hashtags that the kids are safe and that he’s not sharing their location. However, the safe bet is Uncle Dale and Aunt Crystal are holding down the fort and staying at the Busbys’ house watching all six girls and the family dog Beau.

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