‘OutDaughtered’: Adam Busby Teases Quint for Cheating – See Who

OutDaughtered‘s Adam Busby recently caught one of his sweetheart quints cheating. But he wasn’t too mad about it and teased about how funny it was.

OutDaughtered: Yes, Adam Busby Loves Being a Girl Dad

TLC’s Adam Busby got more than what he bargained for with Danielle Busby’s second pregnancy. They wanted another child, but they ended up getting five more daughters. OutDaughtered dad Adam does a great job of parenting these girls.

He often lets them do makeup on him and even paints his fingernails. One time Adam Busby of OutDaughtered forgot and went running errands with his nails bright colors. It didn’t seem like he minded it too much, but he did laugh about it.

OutDaughtered fans love seeing Adam Busby with his daughters. Now that the girls are getting older, it’s even more interesting to see how he deals with things. Recently, he caught one of the girls cheating, and it was pretty cute.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby - Riley Busby

Adam Catches Cheating

OutDaughtered viewers laughed when Adam Busby said he caught Riley Busby looking at her sister’s Christmas wishlist. Riley looked at her sister Parker’s Christmas list to see what she put down. Some fans teased that Riley Busby wanted to make sure she spelled everything properly.

Other fans laughed and said, “RiRi wants everything.” The quints were in their matching pajamas, and Adam caught their adorable actions on camera. Some OutDaughtered die-hards said they got Riley and Parker mixed up, and that’s usually just a problem they have with Olivia Busby and Ava Busby.

Adam was just teasing the girls, but some fans of OutDaughtered gave him a hard time for calling it cheating. Other fans defended Adam saying it was all in good fun. Whatever the case, viewers agree that it was a cute moment, and they hope all of the girls get what they want for Christmas.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby

OutDaughtered: Enjoying Fun Adventures

Adam and the family recently went to Oklahoma to enjoy Thanksgiving. The whole Busby family went up to enjoy the beautiful nature in the state. The OutDaughtered family rented a massive cabin to spend time together during the holiday season.

OutDaughtered watchers said they enjoy watching Adam and their adventures. Texas isn’t shut down like many other states, and some fans said they have to enjoy life through the family’s adventures. It’s not uncommon to see them out dining with friends and enjoying outdoor fun.

While Adam Busby and his family went to Oklahoma, they spent time hiking but also had fun indoors. All of the girl cousins were together, which hasn’t been too uncommon since the hurricane hit Lake Charles, LA. The family came to stay with them during the repair in their home city.

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