‘OutDaughtered’: Adam Busby’s Halloween Scare Flop

OutDaughtered‘s Adam Busby loves scaring his family during Halloween. And this year wasn’t any different, but it doesn’t look like his creepy costume had the effect he wanted it to have.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby’s Scary History

Adam Busby has a track record of scaring family members from OutDaughtered. He tried a few different masks and, of course, the sneak attack through the seasons. But the costume that scared the quints the most wasn’t even from Halloween.

The costume the OutDaughtered quints hate the most is the Easter Bunny. When Adam and the crew did Easter in Lake Charles, LA, Uncle Dale Mills dressed up as the bunny. The girls and some of the other kids did not like it and cried their eyes out.

After that scare, Dale said he wouldn’t be the bunny again. But Adam Busby and the bunny struck again, on the next Easter. And now it seems like he needs to break that costume out again if he wants to scare the girls.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby

Adam’s Costume Isn’t Scary Enough for Kids – But Terrified Danielle

After the OutDaughtered bunny ordeal, viewers thought Adam’s new costume would easily scare the quintuplets. He put on the doll head from the movie Saw and went after the girls. He even tried to do a sneak up on some of them, and it didn’t work.

When Adam Busby went into the room in the dark, the girls beat him up. And they tried to take his mask off his head. That `is when OutDaughtered dad Adam said he should have been the bunny.

Adam did get one win this Halloween season. Danielle Busby was on a girls trip, and he face-timed her with the mask on. And she said that he “scared the crap” out of her.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby - Danielle Busby

OutDaughtered: Enjoying Hours of Family Fun

This fall season has been a good one for the OutDaughtered family. Adam Busby, Danielle, Blayke Busby, and the quints have been on a lot of adventures. In fact, they recently spent the weekend at Dewberry Farms picking pumpkins and having fun with extended family.

TLC fans shared their excitement to know that the newest season of OutDaughtered was taping. At least the interviews taped recently because Adam said about a month back that the main footage was complete. Viewers of OutDaughtered look forward to seeing the family’s first RV trip and the birthday party for Uncle Dale’s daughter McKenzie Mills.

Even though the last season of the show ended abruptly, it doesn’t look like Adam Busby and family let the pandemic stop them. Adam and Danielle went through a remodel during the pandemic and spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying fun in the sun at the beach, lake, and other fun spots.

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