‘OutDaughtered’: Adam Busby Attacked for Taking Quints to the Beach During Quarantine

OutDaughtered stars Adam Busby and his brood officially ended their home quarantine. The family enjoyed a fun day out shortly after Texas eases its lockdown. But their adorable bonding moment met with criticism, with some worried about the quints’ safety. Did Adam and Danielle Busby put the kids at risk — or are people just overreacting?

OutDaughtered: Busby Family Ends Quarantine – Goes to Beach

It looks like Adam Busby and wife Danielle Busby had enough of home isolation with all those kids. The OutDaughtered couple caved and decided to really get outside for the first time since the lockdown. Over the weekend, the Busby family took the “most spontaneous trip” they have ever done.

Adam, Danielle, and their six girls — Blayke, Riley, Ava, Parker, Hazel, and Olivia — basked in the sun at Surfside Beach, Texas. It’s about an hour from their home. It looked like they had a blast, so much so that they extended their stay. Adam Busby and his family initially planned a day trip to the beach. But they ended up spending the night at a beach house.

The OutDaughtered dad revealed they haven’t prepared or packed anything for the overnight stay. He even described it as a “total family YOLO weekend”. Still, the Busby family “loved every minute of it”. However, some fans piled on the dad on social media to chew him out for leaving the house with his wife and kids.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby - Danielle Busby

Adam Busby Criticized for Taking Quints Outside

Meanwhile, Adam Busby’s latest outing with Danielle Busby and the girls did not sit well with some people online The OutDaughtered star was targeted by trolls criticizing his decision to go outside with the kids amid a global pandemic. Although they quarantined and home-schooled for a couple of months, when things reopened, they went out too.

Some think the TLC celeb risked his daughters’ health by exposing them outside despite the coronavirus threat. Others even think Adam did not follow safety measures. There were also some who encourage the Busbys to just stay home despite the partial lifting of lockdown.

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OutDaughtered: Adam Claps Back at Critics

However, Adam Busby is not having any of the hateful comments online. The OutDaughtered cast member clapped back at haters not happy with their family getaway. Danielle Busby’s husband addressed concerns about the quints possibly getting infected with coronavirus.

Adam said the whole Busby clan maintained social distancing, adding that they were not rubbing shoulders with people. He also pointed out that people in their area can now go outside, provided that they practice safety measures. While some media outlets are staging photos to look crowded at beaches, those are for effect.

Most photos on social from people actually at the beaches show big gaps between families and often, large swaths of sand with no one in sight. Adam Busby also noted that COVID-19 is “not a disease”. He said it’s a “virus with a 0.1% fatality rate,” implying that he’s not panicked like his online detractors.

The father of quints even urged people to do some research and educate themselves. In the end, Adam Busby assured everyone they are not going to catch any virus if they practice proper hygiene and social distancing. Either way, the Busbys enjoyed their beach outing while staying safe.

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