NBC ‘Days of our Lives’: Xander Actor Paul Telfer Gobbles Carbs – Happy to Keep Shirt On

Days of our Lives spoilers know Paul Telfer‘s back to work as Xander Cook now that the NBC daytime hiatus is done. But, on his last day on set, the often-bare chested actor enjoyed a kiss, a sweet treat, and some funny comments about getting to keep his shirt on for a while. Not only that, but Paul Telfer went all out on the latest social meme and owned it. Check out the action backstage at DOOL.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Paul Telfer’s Got to Stay in Shape for Sexy Xander Cook Scenes

Let’s face it – all DOOL viewers know that Xander Cook looks for any reason to lounge around the Kiriakis mansion wearing as little as possible. While this serving of eye candy’s nice for the ladies and Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey), it’s not easy to stay that buff all the time.

So, when the Days of our Lives crew wrapped taping at the end of last year, Paul Telfer took a video of himself leaving the set. In fact, there’s no one in the hallways and he seemed utterly alone. Then, he saw the cast and crew donut box and seemed delighted to find one there.

The Xander Cook actor also said he was “VERY excited” to get away from being shirt-off in front of the cameras for a few months. Paul Telfer also enthused about the Days of our Lives “Donut Fairy” as he chowed down on what looks like a very high-carb treat. Check out the pic.

Days of Our Lives: Xander Cook (Paul Telfer)

DOOL Actor Didn’t Know He Walked Away With a Stolen Kiss

In addition to the sweet treat he enjoyed, Paul Telfer didn’t realize he’d stolen a kiss. It came from someone behind the scenes at Days of our Lives. You can see in the pic above (where the arrow points) that he was sporting a pair of red lipstick lips on his face.

So, Paul shared a “special thanks” to his “gorgeous makeup artist” for kissing him and not telling. He’s referring to Liz Dahl, the woman who makes sure Xander Cook always looks kissable on Days of our Lives.

The funny thing is he took a video of himself with no idea she’d left a smooch on him. Then, Paul Telfer said he was excited for what will “happen here in 2020”. And now, Paul’s back on set shooting new scenes as Xander Cook on Days of our Lives.

Days of Our Lives: Xander Cook (Paul Telfer)

Days of our Lives Actor Shows How Xander Cook Rocks Social Media

The latest trend online is to show off your four looks for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Tinder. So, Paul Telfer got into the game. He showed how his Days of our Lives counterpart Xander Cook would choose photos.

Of course, all four are shirtless – even his LinkedIn photo. But, at least Xander’s on a very important-looking phone call in that shot. And you can see the Days of our Lives hunk’s in a towel in each shot. But the best one of the four has to be for Xander Cook’s Tinder profile.

Notice, Xander’s got Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) in the cage in the background. Perfect if that’s the kind of Tinder hook-up you’re looking for. Then Xander’s your man.

So, the great news is that Days of our Lives resumed shooting. But, the bad news for Paul Telfer is that he’s got to lay off the carbs. And hit the gym again to be ready for those shirtless scenes. Also, watch for Xander Cook and Sarah to hit the sheets soon in scenes Paul Telfer filmed before the DOOL hiatus. Enjoy.

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