NBC ‘Days of our Lives’ Spoilers: Summer Set Up Maggie – The Truth About Who Really Crashed the Car

Days of our Lives spoilers hintSummer Townsend (Marie Wilson) set up Maggie Horton (Suzanne Rogers). The latest talk says Maggie didn’t kill Adrienne Kiriakis (Judi Evans) or her infant grand daughter. Instead, this scheme may have been Summer’s last chance to punish her mother. But, Maggie’s name could be cleared soon once this comes out on NBC daytime.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Summer Townsend Showed Up With Malice in Her Heart

While it seemed just rotten luck for Summer Townsend to show up to see Maggie Horton as Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey) went into labor, maybe it wasn’t. Summer might have been lurking around a while watching her mom Maggie make happy grandma plans with Sarah on DOOL.

First, Summer Townsend told Maggie Horton she knows Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) suspects her. Then, Days of our Lives spoilers saw Summer snark about Maggie’s great love story with Victor and the grandchild she’s getting soon. And quipped about her mom not looking for her for all these years.

So, it seems like Summer Townsend came to town to punish her mom. Because, she blamed her for the alcoholic gene she says she inherited. Then, Summer told Maggie Horton she’s dying of cirrhosis of the liver because she’s a drunk. But Days of our Lives spoilers say there’s more to it. She wants revenge before she dies.

DOOL Spoilers: Did Summer Set Up Her Mom – Booze Bottle Revenge

The latest Days of our Lives spoilers chatter says Summer Townsend faked the DUI scene to ruin her mother’s life. And while she clearly came to make trouble for Maggie Horton, when Sarah went into labor, it turned into the perfect crime of opportunity to ruin many lives at once.

Because, dying Summer Townsend saw Maggie Horton happy as Sarah was about to give birth. Plus, Maggie’s got her love with Victor. And Summer’s got nothing and is dying. So, she wants to take everything from the mother that abandoned her, promise Days of our Lives spoilers.

Then, Summer pulled out that bottle of vodka and poured her mom a drink. Plus, Summer Townsend had 3-6 months to live, so she had nothing to lose by targeting her mom. And she did it on Mother’s Day to salt the wound, remind Days of our Lives spoilers.

Days of our Lives: Daughter Watched and Waited to Pounce on Maggie Horton

After triggering her mom to drink and leaving the glass and open bottle, all Summer Townsend had to do was wait for her to fall off the wagon. And, she did. Meanwhile, Sarah and Adrienne got a flat tire, buying time for Summer to decide to do something awful, per Days of our Lives spoilers.

Because, Maggie Horton’s car hit Adrienne’s head-on not long after the tire change. How could that be when Maggie would have been traveling in the same direction? Also, remember from the Days of our Lives episode, we never saw Maggie get in the car. So, Maggie could have passed out at home.

Then, wicked Summer Townsend loaded her in the car. Next, she could drive away, with evil intentions in her heart. Plus, the tire issue gave Summer the time to drive past Adrienne’s car, see her changing the tire, and pop a U-turn for an epic and awful Days of our Lives twist.

NBC Soap Clears Both Maggie and Will With This Twist?

This flat tire delay seemed random. But, it makes sense to give Summer Townsend time to do something awful, Days of our Lives spoilers tell us. So, she could drive her mom’s car into Adrienne’s vehicle then slip Maggie behind the wheel, tease DOOL spoilers. And Will saw headlights when Adrienne veered to avoid Summer.

Then, Xander Cook (Paul Telfer) found Maggie behind the wheel and assumed the worst. So, these circumstances let Summer ruin Maggie Horton’s life. But, she wouldn’t count on Victor cleaning up the mess. So, there may be more to come as Summer’s life ends soon, according to Days of our Lives spoilers.

Recall, the time jump was one year. And these scenes came mid-year. So, Summer Townsend’s life span could be up soon. So, she might confess on her deathbed to the awful thing she did. And that should come after Will and Ciara expose the “truth” of that night. But no one but Summer knows the real story.

So, there’s another version – the actual truth – lurking out there. Because, Xander and Victor didn’t know the whole story when they took drastic steps to protect Maggie Horton. But, Summer Townsend’s the key. So, watch for more info to come about what she did that night.

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