Who is Summer Townsend on ‘Days of our Lives’?

Who is Summer Townsend on Days of our Lives? This burning question about Marie Wilson’s character pops up this week as part of the critical DOOL flashback scenes. Because, Summer’s reappearance in Salem this week triggers events resulting in not one, not two, but three deaths. Check out what’s ahead, what you need to know about Summer Townsend and the events ahead on the NBC sudser.

Who is Summer Townsend – Days of our Lives Character Comes Back

This week, as part of the DOOL rewinds to the missing year, viewers will see Summer Townsend back in town. And her reappearance leads to tragedy. The first thing to know is that she’s the biological daughter of Maggie Horton (Suzanne Rogers).

Decades ago, Maggie had a love child with a local farmhand. But, she gave her baby up for adoption because she was so young. Days of our Lives introduced Summer Townsend in early 2016. Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) found her in LA after his heart transplant.

The story went that Brady’s new heart led him to Summer Townsend. Because, Brady got Daniel Jonas’ (Shawn Christian) heart – and that is Summer’s brother she never knew about. So, she came to Salem on Days of our Lives and met her biological mom Maggie for the first time.

Maggie Horton’s Lies Led to Trouble on DOOL

Days of our Lives history reminds that Maggie lied at first, telling Summer Townsend she was told she died at birth. Later, Maggie came clean. But even before the fibs, Summer was clearly a troubled person. Strict church people adopted and raised Summer Townsend, but died pre-2016.

Then, she was in and out of jail for petty crimes and generally troubled. Later, Days of our Lives revealed she’s bipolar. Maggie and bio-daughter Summer Townsend struggled to connect. But, Brady kept pushing Summer to make peace with her mother and she did.

Then, trouble hit again. An old co-schemer of Summer showed in town and together, they scammed Brady out of a stack of cash. But then, she accidentally killed her con-man partner. So, that led to a body dumping plot on Days of our Lives. And there were more issues ahead.

Summer on Days of our Lives – Return Sparks Tragedy

Ultimately, Summer Townsend left Salem after it came out she was involved in kidnapping Brady’s son Tate. The bottom line is she’s got mental health issues, tried to kill herself before, and isn’t stable. So, she turns up on Days of our Lives this week in flashback action.

And she upsets Maggie so much that she drives drunk. That causes an accident killing Adrienne Kiriakis (Judi Evans) and Sarah Horton’s (Linsey Godfrey) baby. Then, that triggers the Sarah-Kristen baby swap that leads to Haley Chen’s (Thia Megia) death on Days of our Lives.

Who is Summe Townsend? She’s both troubled and a trouble maker on DOOL. She was only on the NBC soap for a few months back in 2016, but wreaked plenty of havoc then. And now, Summer’s back and causing problems again.

Watch this week to see how Summer Townsend’s return starts a domino effect that ultimately takes three lives.

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