‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Spoilers: Whitney Thore Prepares For Redemption Trip – Takes On Rock Climbing Challenge

My Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers shows Whitney Thore preparing for her redemption trip to Alaska. She steps up her work out game as she challenges herself to attempt rock climbing. During her previous trip to Hawaii Whitney failed at an 8k race. However, she is not ready to give up. She has planned a redemption trip to Alaska with all her friends. To prepare for her trip she has taken steps to increase her workout routine. However, rocking climb may prove to be a huge challenge for her.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: Whitney Thore Intensifies Workout Routine

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star has been hitting the gym more often than ever before. She has been working hard to get into better shape. She has also even tried to get family members to join her in the gym. In a previous episode, Whitney tricked her mom Babs into going to the gym with her. It turned out that her mom enjoyed her time at the gym.

Whitney Thore starts to intensify her workout routine show My Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers. She starts to take on more workout techniques and spends more time in the gym. She has been known as someone who pushes themselves. When her mind is set there is no stopping her.

Eyes Set On Redemption

Following a failed race in Hawaii, Whitney Thore is looking to redeem herself. She wasn’t happy with the outcome of the race. Being unable to finish the race was not the plan. Whitney now has her eyes set on redemption. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star plans a redemption trip to Alaska.

In the My Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers, the TLC star Whitney Thore gets ready for her trip to Alaska. Just like Hawaii all her friends are invited on this trip. However, unlike Hawaii she doesn’t want a repeat. She is doing whatever she can to make sure that she finishes anything that she starts. This Alaska trip is all about redemption. Forgetting about the mishaps in Hawaii.


Whitney Faces A Challenge

Whitney Thore decides that she wants to challenge herself in In more My Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers. The teaser shows her standing in front of a rock climbing wall. She looks terrified. Rock climbing is not easy. It requires a lot of upper body strength. Something that may be difficult for her to accomplish. When faced with the wall she screams out “oh god.”

Whitney is no stranger when it comes to challenging herself. She has challenged herself to a few races including the one in Hawaii. She also challenges herself when it comes to her career. Whitney took on a huge challenge when she took Big Girls Dance Class on tour. The tour was a success. However, will she succeed with the rock climbing wall challenge?

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