‘My 600-lb Life’: Tammy Shares Tearful Message to Deceased Ex

My 600-lb Life star Tammy Patton has told the world about her ups and downs and what she says is heartbreaking. She goes to her exes gravesite and shares somethings with him.

My 600-lb Life: Tammy Patton – New Life Here She Comes

My 600-lb Life personality Tammy Patton is a larger woman at 594 pounds. While she is not the biggest person the show has featured she still has a danger of dying soon if she doesn’t start to try to lose some weight. Although she does seem to be one of the most determined people that the show has featured. Tammy did not lose weight quickly but she did follow the doctor’s orders very well. She even got her mother who lives with her to start eating healthy too.

She hopes she can lose enough weight to become independent. Tammy is all set to get her weight loss surgery and see how far she can go. She was given the goal of losing 40 in two months and when she did not completely hit that goal she tried again. All her hard work paid off because when she went back to the doctors instead of losing 40 she dropped 60.

My 600-lb Life: Tammy Patton

What Happened?

My 600-lb Life features Tammy Patton a mother of three who is very overweight and how she attempts to lose weight. She says she has always been big but no one ever mentioned her growing size. Her mother kept her happy and fed and never said anything. Her mother now takes care of her because she can’t take care of herself. The man she had children with, well that’s a different story.

Tammy explains that he loved her and she loved him very much. He never mentioned her weight even when she reached about 600 ponds. Even after they split they still worked on things. They just agreed they were not right for each other. They stayed in each other’s lives so that they could co-parent their children together. In the end, a girlfriend he had got mad at him and became very jealous of the time he spent with Tammy. She ended up stabbing him to death. It was hard news to take considering how close they were.

My 600-lb Life: Tammy Patton

My 600-lb Life: Tammy Gets Closure

Tammy Patton from My 600-lb Life took the death of the man she loved very hard. She was left with three young children and was unsure of how to move on. She has avoided going to his grave for 18 years. When she finally gets there she takes some time to herself to tell him things she never got to say. This is an important part of losing weight when you weigh 600 pounds.

She says life is not easy without him but they are still going every day. She says after three kids and two grandkids she thinks they did alright. Before she leaves she tells him she loves him one last time.

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