‘Mountain Men’: Kidd Youren and Harry Youren’s Other Reality Show – Check Out the Real Story

Mountain Men brought in Kidd Youren and brother Harry Youren new to the cast in Season 8 but these backwoods men are no strangers to reality TV. And what we see of them on the History Channel’s reality show is a skewed reality as well. All fans of docu-series programming know to take what they see with a grain of salt, but there’s a lot more backstory to the Youren brothers. Take a look at their other reality show and what they really do for money when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Mountain Men: See Harry Youren & Kidd Youren’s Other Reality TV Show

The Youren brothers have more siblings than the two we currently see on The History Channel and Mountain Men. There’s Harry Youren and also Kidd Youren, plus Matt Youren. All three featured on the Tru TV show Way Out West that ran for two seasons from 2014-2015. All three Youren brothers featured on the show. On that program, they weren’t billed as they are now. The new show promotes them as men clinging to a rugged, pioneering lifestyle clearing land, running cattle, and hustling supplies out to solitary souls in the backcountry.

Instead, they were featured as professional outfitters. Never heard of that job? It’s someone that takes tourists into the roughs of Idaho and guides them – often on hunting forays. And that’s what the Yorens seem to do to rake in cash – aside from reality TV gigs. They own Youren Outfitters and Youren Hunting – two businesses where they take tenderfoots into the Sawtooth Range to hunt bear, cougar, and other outdoor activities. That’s in addition to their Mountain Men paycheck.

Check out the video below from their former reality show Way Out West that featured all three of the Yourens. No word on why Matt Youren isn’t on their new show alongside brothers Harry Youren and younger sibling Kidd Youren.

What is The Youren Brothers’ Back Story?

On Mountain Men, Season 8 Episode 1, Kidd Youren told the cameras, with Harry Youren at his side, that their family’s been in Idaho since the 1860s. He said there’s “six generations” of Yourens that lived this lifestyle. They’re shown happily delivering supplies for $100 a day to guys stuck in the woods. But that seems an over-simplification. In fact, these guys offer their services for $3,500-$6,500 a week to take you out hunting and themselves live in civilization – albeit in small Idaho towns.

And if it’s a day trip you want, those go for the modest price tag of $250-350 with a trophy fee of $1k-$2k depending on what you stalk and kill. So, there’s a lot more to them than meets the eye. These are not unplugged dudes living strictly in the old way. Kidd Youren’s got a YouTube channel and a Twitter feed where he bills himself as a “TV star” among other things. Both Kidd and also Harry Youren are on Facebook. So, Mountain Men is not showing their true lives.

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The “Real” Yourens Are More Interesting Than History Channel’s Mountain Men Shows

In fact, the “real” Harry Youren and younger brother Kidd Youren seem more interesting than what’s show on Mountain Men. In a chat with Idaho Magazine during the Youren Brothers last stint on reality television, Kidd shared some great stories. Kidd’s the youngest outfitter licensed in the state of Idaho. Plus, the family owns extensive hunting grounds to use for their tourism business. So, these don’t seem like broke cowboys in the least. All three brothers work together. And bears bit all three – some more than once.

In fact, the same bear bit Harry Youren three times. And Kidd Youren’s got cougar claw scars from pulling one off his hunting dogs. And Mountain Men star Kidd’s traveled to Europe – they even have a sister that lived in Italy for a while. Kidd married Kelsey Helfrich who’s from a family of river outfitters and guides. They have an adorable daughter, Fallon Youren. Check out the slides above to see the family and more info on their lives.

Suffice it to say, the History Channel’s selling us a version of the Youren clan that’s more scripted than reality. The question is why? Matt Youren, Kidd Youren, and Harry Youren sound far more fascinating in real life than on the “reality” show Mountain Men. That begs the question of who else on the show’s getting a heavy rewrite and why. But if you’re headed to Idaho, the good news is you can hunt with these guys. Their services are for sale.

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