‘Marrying Millions’: Reese Responds to Nonie’s Proposal

Marrying Millions star Nonie Creme set up an elaborate proposal of marriage for boyfriend Reese Record. But he flipped out and crushed Nonie’s feelings. Now that her boyfriend took the time to think things over, what did he decide?

Marrying Millions: Reese Record Gives Nonie Creme an Answer

In a recent airing of Marrying Millions on Lifetime, Nonie Creme staged a romantic marriage proposal for Reese Record. She booked a trip to Santa Barbara in a pricey house. Nonie bought a ring for Reese. She even had a label made for his beer asking him to marry her.

But her beloved crushed her dreams when he said he needed time to think. Reese Record of Marrying Millions said he never expected it, and he felt like less of a man because she asked rather than letting him propose to her. Reese’s mother, Barbara, told him he’s living in Nonie Creme’s shadow, and it seemed true at that moment in time.

But Reese re-evaluated his feelings, and when he came back to speak with Nonie, he was clear on what he wants. Reese told Nonie he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He held out a ring made of wildflowers he made himself and asked her to marry him. Nonie held back tears as she said yes, she would marry him. Nonie Creme stunned Reese Record on Marrying Millions when she said it would be “one hell of a wedding.”

Marrying Millions: Nonie Creme - Reese Record

Reese & Nonie Meet with Mom & Sis

Reese Record of Marrying Millions dealt with much drama from his family regarding his involvement with Nonie Creme. Barbara disapproves of their relationship. And he was very concerned about how they would react to the news of their engagement.

When Marrying Millions couple Reese Record and Nonie met with Barbara and his sister Aly, Nonie noticed Reese was tense. She reminded him she and Barbara previously agreed to disagree. Nonie Creme said she felt she had some positive momentum going between her and Barbara. However, Barbara surprised them both when she acknowledged the conflict between them.

Barbara said she’d had some time to think about and accept their relationship. She hasn’t completely accepted their differences, but she said she wants Reese to be happy. Barbara doesn’t want to lose her son over his relationship with Nonie Creme, the Marrying Millions beauty mogul. Reese Record assured her that wouldn’t happen.

Marrying Millions: Nonie Creme - Reese Record

Marrying Millions: Reese Shows off his Ring

Reese Record was wearing his engagement ring from Nonie Creme when he met with his mother Barbara to break the news of his impending nuptials on Marrying Millions. Barbara didn’t seem to notice the ring at first. Mom got angry when she learned of the engagement. Barbara immediately wanted to know who popped the question.

Nonie Creme confirmed Barbara’s fears that she is the one who proposed. Mom told them both that Nonie was in control and her son was just going along. Mom declared the engagement unacceptable. He pointed out that nothing about their relationship on the show Marrying Millions was traditional. Reese Record indicated that they might elope if his mother couldn’t be happy for them.

Barbara said Reese Record was living Nonie Creme’s life, not his own, and walked away. Reese told fans of Marrying Millions if his mother couldn’t support them, then she didn’t deserve to be part of their wedding. All the drama makes him want to avoid it by running off and getting married by themselves. Will Barbara overcome her misgivings and salvage her connection with her son? Watch Lifetime to find out.

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