‘Marrying Millions’ Spoilers: Desiry Wants the Ring Back From Rodney Foster

Marrying Millions spoilers show Desiry Hall trying to convince Rodney Foster she deserves another chance. Also, Reese Record reveals his thoughts on Nonie Creme‘s proposal. And finally, does Brianna Ramirez want kids with Bill Hutchinson for fiscal reasons? Tune in Wednesday at 10 pm/9 Central to find out.

Marrying Millions Spoilers: Rodney Foster Rebuffs Desiry Hall

In a recent Lifetime Marrying Millions episode, Desiry Hall got upset with Rodney Foster because he refused to tell her who he cheated with. He gave Desiry a final offer to live in the past or move toward the future with him. Desiry threw Rodney’s ring into the yard in response. This week’s spoilers show Desiry changing her tune.

Previous Marrying Millions spoilers showed Desiry Hall thinking about her relationship with Rodney on Marrying Millions. She doesn’t want to throw it all away. Rodney Foster met Desiry Hall about two years ago, and they began a long-distance relationship. But Desiry demanded to know the details of his cheating, which Rodney refused to provide. Things came to a head recently and resulted in Desiry calling off the wedding.

Rodney Foster believes the past is over, and it’s time to move forward with the nuptials. But now that they’re apart, Rodney’s not very open to Desiry’s pleas to get back together. Rodney tells Desiry Hall she threw his $250,000 ring back at him, and it’s over. For now, it looks like this Marrying Millions couple is finished with each other.

Marrying Millions: Reese Record

Marrying Millions: Reese Considers Proposal of Marriage

Last week on Marrying Millions, Nonie Creme surprised Reese Record with a getaway in a swanky house in Santa Barbara. She planned the entire trip and even had a special label for his beer to pop the question. Reese stunned Nonie when he said he needed time to think about her proposal of marriage.

But Reese Record got angry with Nonie for not letting him “be a man.” As a result, Nonie said Reese’s reaction hurt and scared her. Nonie Creme of Marrying Millions said she intended to be romantic. She had no idea it would turn into a fight. Reece brought up his family’s concerns that he’s living in her shadow because she has to be in control of everything.

Marrying Millions spoilers indicate Reese tells Nonie he’s clear about things after thinking about her proposal. But, Nonie appears very teary-eyed as he speaks. Does this mean Reese refuses Nonie’s offer of marriage?

MarryingMillions: Bill Hutchinson - Brianna Ramirez

Bill’s Friend Suggests Brianna has an Ulterior Motive

Recent episodes of Marrying Millions show Brianna Ramirez asking Bill Hutchinson to give her children. Bill said he’s not sure he wants more babies at his age. Above all, he said he wants to make Bri happy.  Brianna showed concern for his fertility, given their age differences.

Bill Hutchinson valiantly defended his manhood, but he went with Brianna to a fertility doctor for some tests. It turns out, Bill has a low sperm volume, which might make it harder for them to have children naturally. As a result, Brianna Ramirez was practically in tears as she talked to Marrying Millions fans about her desire to have children.

But, Marrying Millions spoilers for this week’s airing of Marrying Millions show Bill Hutchinson talking with a woman who asks about his girlfriend. Bill says Bri wants children. The woman tells him flat-out that Brianna Ramirez wants a baby for financial reasons. Will this make Bill reconsider giving Brianna children? Say tuned to Lifetime to find out.

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